Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The state of the Republican primary

Ru Roh, the Rat establishment Republican Party is headed for a contested convention.  Cruz needs 81% of the remaining delegates to get to 1,237.  Trump needs in excess of 56% of the delegates.

So here’s the choice, a solid conservative in Ted Cruz who will lose the general election in the exact same manner as Mitt.  The exception here is the running mate.  If Cruz takes Fiorina, Niki Haley, Bobby Jindal or anther qualified mino, he can change the math.  If he takes a highly qualified experienced white guy capable of running the country it’ll be Mitt redux.  Also, do not underestimate the unwillingness of some Americans to vote for a first term senator for president.  We’ve been down that road with a first term senator.  It hasn’t worked out well for us.

The other choice is Trump. He has less experience than Cruz.  The VP selection will be more important to Trump.  Newt is the perfect choice.  Too bad he’s a highly qualified experienced white guy capable of running the country.  Trump has the potential to change the Electoral College math putting into play traditionally blue states.  Sure he may have trouble holding traditional red states like MS and UT, but they’ll come home when push comes to shove.

What has been lost on much of this to the horse race aspect of the ReR primary is the fact that a self-funding political novice - Donald J. Trump – has single-handedly destroyed them.  As the Marine Corp captain who instructed lieutenants on defensive tactics put it, “Every night you dig and dig and dig and the bastards never show up.  Then one night you don’t dig and they show up and they run through you like $h!t through a short dog.”  Well Trump has run through the ReRs like $h!t through a short dog.

What happens when someone tries to take something from you that you think of as yours, but really isn’t, like your brother’s chainsaw that you borrowed 10 years ago and never returned?  You get mad.  You get defensive.  You retaliate.  That’s what the ReR are up to.  They consider the Republican Party theirs.  Anyone who tries to interfere with “their party” and therefore their ability to loot the treasury, must be destroyed.  

Then there is the ReR choice of John Kasich.  He will lose in a landslide of monumental proportions because both Trump and Cruz will be running third and fourth party campaigns.  The only worse candidate than Kasich – who still trails Rubio in delegates - is someone who didn’t even bother to run in the primaries.

Oddly, Cruz is now the ReR candidate.  

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