Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trump is the only answer

Update:  Diamond and Silk have the definitive answer to the Lewandowski case.  Can't stop laughing.

Well, okay then.  Flaws, of which there are many, not withstanding, I think Trump is the only answer.  After kicking his campaign off by taking on the political 3rd rail - immigration - and gaining millions of Demo Dope blue collar votes with his message on trade, Trump most recently spoke the truth about NATO needing an overhaul with members paying their fair share.  He also created a firestorm after speaking the truth about abortion.  That has gotten him in water hot enough to make him back track a bit.  When asked if abortion were made illegal, should women who received an abortion be punished, Trump answered affirmatively. 

Oh the humanity!  First off, it’s unlikely that abortion will ever be ilegal in anyone’s lifetime reading this.  Lefty Libs worship at the altar of free $h!t in the church of punishing commonsense and achievement and abortion is the eucharist of their crude religion.  If it’s against the law, why is it off limits to punish someone for engaging in the practice?  Sure the docs ought to face sanction but I do not think it’s unreasonable for people who enable the evil by submitting to it to receive some sort of punishment.  I look at it like a drug dealer and a user.  Sure you want to get the dealers but if you want to end the scourge maybe you need to at least think about sanctioning all of the participants in some manner.

Immigration is my #1 issue.  Trump is the best on that.  If that does not get fixed, nothing else matters.  If we do not reverse the trend, America will not be recognizable as founded.  Sadly, it’ll look more like the $h!tholes illegal aliens are fleeing.  That confounds me.  Why in the hell would anyone want to come to America, reap its benefits, then try to turn it into the $h!thole they fled?  Well, that’s exactly what is happening.

Ted Cruz is good on immigration as well, but only after Trump forced the entire GOP field – except for the holier than thou The Most Righteous John Kasich – to the correct position on immigration.  But Trump can actually win.  Cruz can't.  Name one state Cruz is going to win that Mitt didn’t.  I’d love to take credit for that observation, but Ann Coulter wrote a column about it here.  Maybe she ripped me off. 

So The Donald is the man.  Okay Donald stop shooting us in the foot.  When asked a question that you haven’t given much thought to, it is perfectly presidential to say, “I’d like to sit with some people I trust and discuss that before blurting out something right now.”  If you did that people would have great respect for you and get the idea that you would seek council before – say - bombing Cuba.

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