Thursday, March 17, 2016

Judge Smails (ReR) Vs. Al Cervik (Donald Trump)

It seems to me that Donald Trump’s entry into the Rat establishment Republican nominating process is like the rich but crass and classless but none-the-less lovable Rodney Dangerfield character (Al Czverik) showing up at the appropriately named Bushwood Country Club in the movie Caddyshack.  Czverik moves through Bushwood irritating the old money country club snobs at every turn to the delight of the everyman who buy tickets to such movies.

In the movie, the epitome of the country club snob is depicted by Ted Knight’s character (Judge Smails).   To the enjoyment of the audience, Czverik humiliates Smails in every encounter.  No matter how Smails tries to set Cervik up for failure, by his good nature and unassuming presence, Cervik always ends up getting the best of Smails without ever really trying.  It’s like no matter how many new, new, or newest ReR hope they get behind in the primary, Trump humiliates them and sends them packing to the ash heap of political history.  Low energy Jeb!!, Gramnesty, Paul, Rubio all went the way of the three pronged pitch fork tilting at the Trump windmill on behalf of the ReRs.  Okay Paul not so much a ReR, but none the less gone.

ReR Party regulars (Judge Smails) tries to wave off Trump juggernaut (Al Cervik).  It does not end well for Smails. 

Now in a face saving move Smails - the ReRs - is forced to get behind so get behind Cervik’s poorer better behaved cousin Ted Cruz.  If you look at the photo above and think of Smail’s “dingy” as the ReR Party and Cervik’s yacht as the USS Trump.  In the movie Cervik’s yacht splits Smails’ “dingy” in half and Samils (think Karl Rove here) dutifully goes down with the half of the once beautiful sail boat he’s standing on.

The last thing the ReR Party (Bushwood) expected this year was for Donald Trump (Al Cervik) to show up crashing their heretofore closed club.  They have done everything possible to discourage Donald (Al) from joining making it abundantly clear that they do not want him.  Donald does not care.  Bushwood needs new blood and he’s bringing it.  The old guard won’t go quietly.  They think of it as “their club”.  The last thing they want is the hoi polloi storming the gates ruining their good thing.  So the old guard insiders are considering plans to discount the new members’ votes.  Game’s up fellas.  The only remaining options are not members of the club.  Deal with it or burn it down.

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