Thursday, March 10, 2016

New US military training includes everything except warfighting

Okay, in the post under on the crybabies that populate today’s college, Lex cynically and sarcastically notes that the only safe space for the campus babies might be the new US military that is quickly turning into a force for social justice turning out PC Social Justice Warriors rather than warfighters.  While ISIS is to kill and playing soccer with the heads of dead Christians as balls, the US military are training on micraggerssions, LGBTA>and now white privilege

I’ve always thought that the military was bastion of fair play.  That must be white privilege showing.  I do know that on military promotion boards, school selection boards and special assignments the services issue all manner of precepts outlining how minos – an ever growing list these days – need to be included t what rates.  White boys get no such edge.

While a young Marine, for years in February I used to rail against the “Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity” programs that would invariably crop up during black history month.  (ASIDE:  Why isn’t it African American History Month?)   I’d point out “Affirmative Action” and “Equal Opportunity” are mutually exclusive terms.  No one argued the point, but I was never-the-less advised to keep my opinions about the subjects to myself.

The AA/EO indoctrination was probably the beginning of the PC BS that is now killing the spirit of the US military. Now the US Army is lecturing the force on “white privilege”.  YGBSM.  You cannot be serious.  Now that the truth is out of the bag on that BS, I'm sure the wannabes are looking to their left and then to their right nodding knowing and telling each other, “Damn right.  Whitey is and has been way too privileged in this US military.  Ah, Rochester, get me another cup of coffee, pronto.  Are boots shinned?”

I’ve opined in the past that we should let the women and homosexuals fight the next war and check the results.  We can now add non-whites.  In some places such a scheme might be called genocide, particularly if the enemy is composed of real warfighters.  F**k em.  Sadly, I believe we are going to have to suffer a heinous azzwhippin’ before we wake up and return the military to a primary mission of killing the enemy. 

Gubiment taking over by hiring
Look at this video.  Combine the 32% of Americans with ties to gubimint employment with Mittens 47% of Americans receiving gubiment assistance and one could argue we have gone over the edge. 

Now consider the government is actually looking into suing companies that do ot promote global warm-mongering.   Consider an imperial douche in the White Hose that believes he kill Americans with drones.  Now consider DHS has admitted armed drones are already flying over the US. 

Consider the wannabes running the military.  Is there any doubt that these weasels would fire on Americans if they thought it would advance their careers?  

This is all a good case against the gubiment having the legal authority to kill its citzens.

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