Monday, March 21, 2016

Holy Week in one post

I'm taking the rest of Holy Week off.  There is enough material here for the rest of the week, so everyone is getting what they paid for.  There will be no subscription refunds.  Have a great and blessed Easter.
GOP convention, wait for itSomebody help me.  The Republican Party is in the middle of a hotly contested primary.  Yet all the buzz everywhere is about a brokered, contested or an open convention this summer.  MSM lapdogs are agog with speculation about a Republican Party implosion in Cleveland.   Walkouts and third party runs fuel much of the speculation.  Neither is a viable option for defeating Shrillda the Hutt. 
This may sound a bit weird coming from the reactionary you all know me to be, but take a deep breath.  There will be plenty of time to trash the Rat establishment Republican Party if and when they decide to screw someone.  For now I’m happy to wait and see if they do. 
Now that he’s the last hurdle impeding the Donald from reaching the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz has gained the mantel of establishment acceptability as a candidate.   A certain death blow for the Cruz campaign.  A couple of months the Rat establishment Republicans could not stand Ted Cruz.  Suddenly Gramnesty, Romney, et al are doing fund raisers for him and telling voters to vote Cruz not because he’s a good guy or even a good candidate but rather to stop Trump.  Having the ReR endorsement is like a candidate being married to a rapist.  It does not help.
I can almost understand the candidates making these cases and warning of dire consequences if they feel they are “cheated”, but what the hell do Karl Rove and Mitt Romney have to do with it?  I heard both use nearly the exact same long list of words (none of them good) to describe the Republican frontrunner.  If I hear it again, I’ll know it’s a Rat establishment Republican talking point.  You know what?  Forget that.  I already know that it’s a ReR talking point.
I can understand Trump’s outrage more than any other candidate.  He’s funding his own campaign.  It’s his own money being flushed if he gets screwed by a bunch of party hacks.  Depending on how/if they screw him, seems to me Trump could sue the party for the cost of his campaign.  None of the other candidates are similarly invested.   They are spending other people’s money.  So yeah, Trump has the right to be the most POed if the party screws him.
I recently saw the Caine Munity on TMC.  It looks to me as if Trump is like Capt. Queeg at the end of the movie, not the neurotic paranoid we see throughout.  At the end you might recall, after getting the “mutineer” off, his lawyer played by Jose Ferrer arrives drunk at the crew’s post-trial celebration party.  Instead of joining in the celebration, Ferrer reads them the riot (can I use that word?) the riot act for not supporting their captain and destroying a pretty good career naval officer.
Trump is not a great candidate.  No one since Ronald Reagan has been.  The ReRs could help Trump become a better candidate, but they’d rather pick up their toys and go home rather than lift a finger to help a guy who is outside the Caligula, D.C. ruling class.  Donald Trump is the frontrunner and ReRs are all up in arms.  Instead of offering sound political and policy advice the only thing old line party hacks can do string together 12-15 nasty descriptions of their frontrunner.  Sure Trump probably wouldn’t take their advice if they offered, but they could put it out there and save their most stinging criticism for Shrillda the Hutt.  
Protesters beaten, jailed at Empty Suit rally
Longing to travel in the company of like-minded commie bastards, The Empty Suit load the family onto Empty Suit One and headed to Havana, Cuba Sunday.  In anticipation of TES’s arrival, local commie bastard officials rounded up, beat and jailed “the usual suspects” so as not to upset TES’s notion that Cuba is a land of sweetness, happiness, free healthcare, apartments, phones, food, electricity, college…well, Cuba is a Bernie Sanders campaign ad for free everything.
Cuba’s round up was not unlike TES’s own roundup of a hapless video maker who got pinned for the attacks on the Benghazi consulate, or the IRS intimidation of Tea Party organizations, or DHS’s attack on returning white war vets, or the VA’s killing off its customers, or WI Demo-Dope prosecutors conducting a series of politically motivated home invasions under the color of law.  In short TES feels right at home in a totalitarian dictatorship.
While the media is enthusiastically covering and condemning the slightest disruption at a Trump rally, placing 100% of the blame on Trump and his supporters, the lapdogs yawn and avert their eyes when the commie bastards beat and lock up their citizens in an effort to impress a halfwit sympathizer.   
The Confederate flag is a no go, but Che is A-OkayAnd while we’re talking about Cuban commie bastards, riddle me this Batman: Yahoo news asks, Why do teenagers continue to wear Confederate Flag clothing?  Uh, lemmesee.  Pride not hate.  They like the colors.  Great, Great Grandpa was killed at Shiloh.  Dad wore it.  To give ruling class $h!tbag pols the middle finger.  It’s a Southern thing.  You wouldn’t understand.  It’s an honest counterbalance to the fraud that is Black Thugs Matter.  They wear it to send the pearl clutching free-speech eliminators who ask “why do they wear it” searching for a powder and a fainting couch. 
So yeah, there a lot of reasons an American teenager might wear a Confederate T-shirt.  I think the much better question is why an American would wear murdering dead commie T-shirt, as in:  Why do kids wear murdering commie bastard Che T-shirts?  Uh, lemmesee.  They love commie murdering bastards.  They hate America and…wait a minute… lemme think…uh, no, I guess that’s it.
I don’t always wear a Che T-shirt, but when I do, it’s a “Che is dead - get over it.” T-shirt.  People’s Cube.
Duke Lacrosse
If you didn’t get the chance to see the ESPN 30 for 30 episode on the Duke Lacrosse team, this a pretty succinct recap.
   #10 is an eye opener.

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