Monday, March 07, 2016

The brokered convention?

Idunknow could Cruz urge his voters to support Trump in FL to get Rubio out of the picture?  Weird huh. That’s what Cruz says he wants, a one on one against Trump.  What better way to that end than urge his supporters to vote Trump in FL - and while we’re at it - why not OH as well?  That’s maybe the best way for Cruz to clear the field.

I think there’s now an outside possibility that Cruz, Rubio and Kasich are all now banking on a brokered convention.  Rubio and Kasich are for sure.  Saturday Cruz said a brokered convention would be a disaster.  As the guy who stands to gain the most from any of the anti-Trump Rat establishment Republican shenanigans at the convention, maybe Cruz doth protest too much.  I can see him when the ReRs settle on him in Cleveland, “Shocked!  Shocked I tell you, that Republicans would stick a finger into the eye of millions of voters.  But if that’s the will of the delegates, what can I do?  I accept the nomination.”

Trump is also being a bit Machiavellian, I think, by his calling for Rubio and Kasich to drop out.  It seems to me, especially early on, Trump benefited the most from the fractured GOP field.  Also, Trump telling Rubio to drop out is like mom & dad telling sis not to “date that boy” or telling jr. not to “buy that car”.  Guess what?  They are going to do the exact opposite.  So when Trump tells Little Marco to drop out, he’s more likely to say, “Oh yeah, well eff you” and go all the way to the convention.

I’m absolutely delighted that it now appears to be a two man race and neither of the last standing candidates are a ReR bastard.  Mitt and his particular breed of ReR $h!tbird are being told loud and clear that their brand of crony go along to get along Demo-Dope lite is for the birds - $h!tbirds that is.

The bottom line:  Any BS the ReRs pull in Cleveland will blow up in their faces, as it should.  It will prove once and for all this breed of $h!tbird needs to be double flushed post haste.

The Trump phenomenon
Win lose or draw, honest people salute Donald Trump.  They should praise him, not only for bringing the most important issue facing America this cycle – immigration – to the fore, but for as a novice dominating the race since day one.  The ReRs need to be very careful how they handle Trump.  They need to keep in mind that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave in NYC and not lose a single vote.  Had they spent 1/10th the time trying to understand Trump’s success as they have dumping 100s of millions of dollars of negative ads on his head, they might have managed to coopt Trump keeping him and his supporters, if not happy, content. 

Trump is the consummate outsider. As such ReRs are treating Trump worse than they ever have treated any Dope pol.  They, as usual, have saved their most toxic vitriol for any conservative who isn’t bought by the ReR Party.  Case in point the ReRs start a #NeverTrump movement.  Wouldn’t that effort be better spent on a #NeverShrilldatheHutt movement? 

Yeah, I called Trump a “conservative”.  Let’s explore the major issues.  He wants t stop illegal immigration.  He wants to deport 12 million illegals already in the country.  He wants to lower taxes.  He wants to repeal Robertscare.  He wants to win the war against ISIS.  So what, exactly, is the problem?

He’s not a perfect candidate, but he’s better than most on the big issues.  98% of the Trump bashing is tailored toward personality rather than his announced policy.  The latest despicable meme is Trump is Hitler.  The ReRs should repudiate anyone making such an obscene charge.  Not so much for Trump’s sake, although that should be enough, but rather because it will be used against the party and the eventual nominee as coming from the party whose one-time front runner was a modern day Hitler.

So Glenn Beck et al. GFY.

Navy lowers the standards then ignore the results

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