Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Super Tuesday part 2

The latest Super Tuesday
Well I do not see Trump overtaking the sitting Governor of Ohio.  The governor of any state pretty much controls the state’s political apparatus in ways senators and others do not.  So I see Kasich continuing his BS run for the VP slot by collecting enough delegates t play Kingmaker in Cleveland.  That may bode well for Trump as Kasich continues to fracture the Rat establishment Republican vote between himself and the latest ReR darling Ted Cruz.
Hard to believe the ReRs are now so desperate that they are beginning to throw in with Cruz.  Weird huh?  Kasich has managed what I encouraged Cruz to do, fly under the radar avoiding a frontal assault on Trump.  Had Kasich tried, Trump would have exposed his illegal alien loving immigration policies and job crushing trade advocacy.  I do not blame Trump for not going after Kasich while already in engaged in a two on one cage match with Cruz and Rubio.  If the people of Ohio knew that Kasich would sell their job out from under them for a loaf of bread to an illegal alien , Ohio would definitely be more in play, maybe even over in Trump’s favor.
Trump could win big tonight.  If he doesn’t sweep the evening, pundits will be claiming it was a bad night for Trump.  It’s getting more and more obvious that he’ll have to beat the field badly to avoid having the nomination snatched from him by ReRs in Cleveland.
The very stupid Shrillda the Hutt
Once billed as the smartest woman in the world, the very stupid Shrillda the Hutt advised us that “world leaders” wanted to endorse it over Donald Trump.  Yeah well maybe the Hutt should go ahead and campaign with Kim Jung mentally Il, ayatollah Khomeini, Bashar Assad, the Castro brothers, Maduro, Xi and all the other despots of the world who would love to see one of their own continue to destroy America from within.
This latest foul came up just after the Hutt told us it was going to put a lot of coal miners out work.  Talk about the government picking winners and losers.  The Hutt will put miners out of work while bringing in untold numbers of illegal aliens to put the rest of us out work.
I cannot believe anyone thinks this thing is qualified to do anything more complicated than blocking a door.
ESPN 30 for 30 takes on the Duke Rape Case 10 years later
I saw most of this ESPN 30 for 30 episode.  Anyone who thinks the death penalty is a good idea should watch the episode.  All it takes is a crooked cop and a POS prosecutor to ruin your life.  The Duke case proves.  The WI John Doe cases prove it.  The IRS case proves it.  The VA proves it.  Once you have the weight of the state coming down on you, you’re in serious trouble and it does not make one bit of difference how innocent you are.
It reminded me of the advice I once got from a criminal attorney friend.  He told me never cooperate with the police if you are being questioned about a crime.  Their job is to clear cases.  It doesn’t matter how innocent you are.  If they get the perp fine, if not well…

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