Friday, March 04, 2016

192nd GOP Debate roundup

Kasich won.  It wasn’t because he reiterated for 10,000th time the same boilerplate biographical information.  Has anyone heard the phrase, “I’ve done it”?  Kasich should adopt that as his campaign slogan.   It was the WWE performance of the rest of the field that made Kasich appear the most presidential.  I’m not counting out the chance Kasich could catch fire and win the nomination at this point, but he solidified his choice as the obvious VP selection.  If he were not a Caucasian male, Christian, married to woman, I’d say he had it 98% wrapped up.  But given that he is a Caucasian male, Christian, married to woman his actual chances are 50-50, particularly if Trump is the nominee.  There will be tremendous pressure to "diversify" the ticket.   Of course Trump doesn’t play that PC BS much so let me give Kasich a 75-25 chance at the VP slot if Trump is the nominee.

Rubio loser.  His obnoxious shtick is wearing thin.  That’s not me saying that of late.  I’ve always thought that he was the flimflam candidate in the race from his gang of 8 BS to his vote for gun control in 1999 as a city commissioner – that no one mentions.  He has not even offered a dismissive Trump like “Well, I changed my mind”, which honestly would be fine.  1999 was long time ago, but ask the damn question and find out.  But it’s not me dumping on the Rube.  Mrs. Lex was asking him to phu-leeeez shut up when he tried to talk over Trump time after time.  In her words she was “disappointed with Rubio.”

Mitt Romney is the second place loser.  Yeah, he’s such a loser he can’t even “win” the loser category (A bit Trump there.).  He was booed at the debate.  His bash Trump speech is likely to blow up in his and the Rat establishment Republicans’ faces.  We’ll see.

Trump finished on top of the middle.  Except for the Trump University thing, he swatted away most of the attacks including those from the moderators who at one point - I think - said Trump had to “prove his innocence”.  Trump said he could easily settle the Trump University case.  If he wants to be president, I’d urge him to do so quietly in a sealed agreement and make it go away.  I’m suspicious of “class action suits.”  “Hey we’re suing a rich guy.  Do you want to get in on it for a few bucks?”  Sure. Why not?  Except for honesty, a rare commodity these days, there is really no reason not to join.

I thought Trump helped himself dealing with the Fox takedown video.  He just said I changed my mind.  Do you continue down the same road when you know you’re wrong, or do you change?  Perfectly reasonable.

He also dismissed the “off the record” session with the NY Times that somehow got on the record.  No one brought up the dishonesty of the NY Times for leaking content of the off the record interview.  Of course Trump is right about not letting the tape be released.  It might not even have to do with anything dealing with policy.  We know Trump is a bit rough around the edges.  He might have had some unkind things to say about certain people or explained himself in a crude manner that he doesn’t want out there.

It was clear Rubio and Cruz are in Romney’s camp about ganging up on Trump.  However, if you go two-on-one and cannot take him out – which they didn’t in my opinion – it makes you look weak.  Outside of Kasich, the other three were in the mud way too much looking like kids.  Because everyone expects this kind of BS from Trump, it didn’t hurt him as much as the other two who are supposed to be “seasoned politicians”.

Cruz second place middle.  Cruz came off like revival preacher storming the rural counties of Indiana at the end of the season knowing he’s running few bucks short to get him through the winter so he ratchets up the brimstone trying to cover the deficit.  Cruz (and Rubio) made the unbelievable mistake of saying that, given Trump’s poll numbers, 70+% of Republican voters don’t want Trump, that he – Cruz - is the best choice.  Ted you are at 15%.  Does that mean that 85% of Republicans don’t want you?  Is 85 greater than 70?  Duh.  Stupid.  Cruz tells us the non-Trumpeters need to unite behind him, but he spends all night attacking Trump.  Remember, Trump could kill someone on 5th Ave and not lose a single vote.  What good does it do to go after those votes?  Cruz is an idiot for not trying to put a kill shot on Rubio's campaign.  Plus as noted above, the only one to lay glove on Trump last night were the moderators.  When it’s the moderators who are doing the heavy lifting, fair-minded people object.  In these debates Cruz is stiff, pedantic, preachy and if not totally colorless, a whiter shade of pale.  Anyone remember Procol Harum?

If there is a 3rd place loser the moderator win that honor.  They are more interested in good TV pitting one candidate against the other - or in Trump’s case against the field -than getting candidates’ current positions on important issues.  Fox Business has had by far the best moderated debate to date.

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