Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Science Vs. the Arts: Lefty Libs don't get science

The left is winning the argument on language – again.  They effectively destroyed the "gay" that once had a rather benign meaning.  The latest battleground is gender Vs. sex.  The left often uses the word gender when they mean sex.  I am assured by my high school English and science teachers that gender has nothing what-so-ever to do the XY chromosomes that determine a person’s sex.  XX = Female.  XY = Male.  It’s simple science.  He, she, him, her etc. are pronouns that, in most languages, identify "gender" for grammatical purposes.
 So the left has successfully conflated a squishy, malleable term from the arts - “gender” - with the iron clad term from the sciences - “sex”.   A crossdresser named Steve can demand to be called Stephanie with little or no consequences.  If “Steve” insists on camping out in the girls locker room at the local high school because “he’s feeling feminine”, he ought to have his azz beat like every other pervert.
 Common sense is dead.  Idiot pols and Dope Popes want us to invite the Islamo-Terror-Fascists to live among us just to prove we’re not racists.  We’re supposed to support people with deep mental issues because they have “gender issues”.  Uh no they don’t.  They have two XX chromosomes or XY chromosomes.  It’s science.  Turning the world on its head to accommodate the 1/10th of 1% of people who have legitimate sexual identity problems, of which 90% of the 1/10th of 1% have real and tragic mental issues is just plain crazy. 
But that’s what happening under pressure from Hollywood and professional sports.  NC is under pressure for not allowing anyone to use any public bathroom they chose depending on how they feel at the moment.  I cannot believe that women’s groups are not up in arms about this.  Who is it going to hurt?   Women.  Men standing a urinal probably could not care less if woman came in to use one of the stalls. Women on the other hand might be offended if the already long line at the women’s room is extended because guys are feeling feminine that day.  Also, sex is only one differential in the men Vs. women restroom issue.  Let’s face it, men’s rooms are disgusting.  Women generally manage to get their waste into the appropriate container, men are bit less, um, accurate.
 So here’s the solution.  Two restrooms. One is marked urinals.  The other one is marked stalls.  Anyone can use either facility.  If a woman wants to bare her azz and back up the urinal, good for her.  I’d watch until it became the norm.  If women want to share stalls with disgusting men peeing everywhere, not flushing, or worse, flushing with, uh, no result or the worst possible result- a stopped up john, fine I’m all for it.
 My guess is that this common sense solution will be rejected because being able to pee on mass while standing up into a 15 foot trough will be seen as some sort of unfair male privilege that "triggers" snowflakes everywhere.  No.  Everyone must wait in the same long lines for a disgustingly dirty stall.  As is always the case, Lefty Libs never try to elevate the downtrodden.  Instead of solutions that elevate those who must squat to pee with those who stand, the Lefty Libs will insist on forcing the standers to wait in line with the squatters.  That will lead to epidemic of public urination. 
Republican nomination
Okay enough with the potty humor.
  I’m back to square one with the Republican nomination.  Damn it Donald, GROW UP!!  You were on the cusp.  Now we’re going to drag this out to the convention.  So we have a choice between a guy who would probably pee on the stall toilet seat on purpose just to make a point and a self-righteous annoying Glenn Beck acolyte.
Gun grabbing, common core supporting, Robertscare loving, holier than thou, John Kasich should be assured the role of National Comforter in Chief in any Republican administration and asked to end his pointless campaign.  He’s not fit assume the role of VP.  He’s the least conservative candidate left in the race.  F-Kasich.  Cruz should pick Fiorina for VP.  Trump should pick a black, female with a Hispanic surname who works in the porn industry as VP.

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