Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Trump winner: delegate count secondary to the real win

The big winner last night was Donald Trump.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, he won some states and delegates but what makes him the big winner is the fact that both losers last night - Cruz and Rubio - are vowing to stay in the race to the end.  That should be enough to leave Trump on his current glide path to the nomination.

What candidates vow and what the donors are willing to fund are two different things.  Marco may want to stay in unti the end, but his vow to drive his pickup truck state to state if he has to may be the only thing his campaign is able to afford.

Cruz has the best shot to derail the Trump train.  So the Rat establishment Republicans may provide just enough funds to keep Rubio in order to keep Cruz out.  Rubio’s message at that point becomes:  Vote for me to get Trump the nomination, bit more importantly keep it from Cruz.  Rubio will continue with his less than convincing Don Rickles standup routine that will go nowhere.  So Rubio, who is the ReRs pick, will continue in the campaign mostly to a) keep a true conservative out and b) inflict as much damage as possible on the unorthodox outsider nominee.  Way to go ReRs.  You’re going a heck of a job.

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