Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The next president should clean house at the Pentagon as well

Regular readers know that Lex refers to azz sniffing/kissing generals and admirals (GOFOs) in the military as wannbes.  They are wannabes when compared to real warfighting generals like Sherman, Sheridan, Grant, Jackson (Stonewall and Andrew), Funston, Pershing, Lejeune, Patton, Smith (Howling mad), Puller, Arnold, Hulsey, Ridgeway, Olds, Abrams, Schwarzkopf, Mattis, Petraeus, Kean, et al just plain do not measure up.  They are politically driven wannbe GOFOs. 

I have pointed that these wannbes are more interested in promoting an environmentally friendly “green fighting force” that “looks like America” than they are winning battles and wars.  Not to long ago the wannbe admiral in charge of all US fighting forces in the Pacific declared that global warming was his #1 enemy.  He wasn’t fired, relieved, or directed to get a psych evaluation for that insane remark.  Apparently he missed the day at wannbe GOFO school when they covered expansionist China, pirates and Islamo-Terror-Fascists.

I do not even care if he actually believe his own BS.  The azzbag BS artist has to know he’s supposed to be WARFIGHTER and has no role with the Environmental Protection Agency.   If the path to victory goes through destruction of an enemy oil field, then the oil field gets destroyed.  This POS no doubt would demand a 25 year environmental impact statement before dropping bombs or sinking ship.

The list is endless of wannabes going along to get along with all manner of policy that they have to know, if not designed to outright destroy the force, will in the end weaken the force.  They are allowing women access to military occupational specialties with qualifications that any honest observer knows that there are not 1 woman in 10,000 could meet.  So as the sayin on this page goes, lower the standard and ignore the results as the Army did in pushing their “first ever” female Ranger graduates.  Turns out it was all BS. 

In the post below you can click on link that indicates the navy is waiving many their weight standards.   It’s ridiculous.  These people are supposed to look like warfighters not the line at Weightwatchers.    

The point of this rant was introduce this clip that says much the same thing in a more measured, logical and convincing way.

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