Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The only safe space for failed college snowflakes is the new US military

This story indicates that students at Bowdoin College in Main are suffering from mental trauma from classmates attending a “Tequila-Themed birthday party”.  Now the way I read th story is that the affected students were not even at the party but were none-the-less traumatized.  They complain about “cultural appropriation.”  So much for the great melting pot.

The corollary to white kids wearing sombreros I suppose would be any foreigner wearing a baseball cap?  I saw a Chinese guy with a Reds cap on the other day and was so microaggressed by the cultural misappropriation I nearly fainted dead away.  This has to stop.  What’s next Mexicans wearing Yankees caps?  Oh the horror!  I have pictures somewhere of Lex Jr. in Lederhosen.  If he ever crosses me, I’m going to publish that picture and ruin him for the rest of his life.  I once attended a costume party as Islamo-Terror-Fascist complete with bomb vest. It was funny as hell and nobody was offended, had to take a powder or run for the fainting couch. 

I watched Trump’s presser last night and one of these snowflakes actually demand that Trump apologize for using a swear word or during the campaign.  After rightly berating the fool, Trump declined.  This is the left in action.  Some idiot professor at Oberlin can be a raging anti-Semite and the university comes to her aide with arguments about free speech.  It's not really about free speech, she can say all the stupid inaccurate crap she wants, it’s about paying a lying fool to spread vile lies at a university. 

The same university azzbags that defend and in effect institutionalize the spreading of anti-Semite lies roll in students for drinking Tequila while wearing a sombrero.  Why would anyone spend 10s of 1,000s of dollars exposing their children to such utter BS?  It’s BS like this that has both Dope candidates wanting to give away college educations for free – charging exactly what it’s worth I suppose.  They want 4 more years of indoctrination.   
The NY Post asks: With all the campus sensitivity fascists running colleges, how will today’s college students function once they leave campus.  Simple, join the military.  Read the two post under to get a sense why.  As my old man used to quip when I whined about something trivial like a broken leg or 8” gash in my arm, “Jeez I hope we never have to fight another Battle of the Bulge.”

Slow Joe dumber than usual which really says something
The world’s dumbest man, Slow Joe two shots and a garden variety slap Biden said Ronald Reagan couldn’t win the Republican nomination in 2016.  That’s BS.  What isn’t BS is neither Harry Truman, JFK, LBJ nor even Billbo Billy Boy Clinton could win the Demo-Dope nomination in 2016.  On the other hand, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh could easily be swept to the Dope nomination.

Trump presser
I watched the whole hour of Trump’s presser.  It was interesting in the fact that he talked without a prompter.  He defended his businesses by bringing products on stage with him and hit Romney hard for misleading people about them.  What he did with the home shopping network shtick was to demonstrate to Mr. & Mrs. America is that he’s a yuuugly successful businessman and can bring those talents to the Oval Office.  He acted as he was the party unifier.  He was at once gracious, funny, petty, plain spoken, tough, patriotic and confident.  Inspiring?  Well not so much for me.  Maybe I’ve just heard the “We’re going to make America great again” line too many times. 

After the press I watched the Screw Trump Network (AKA FNC) dump on him.  They had 5 or 6 “experts” critiquing the presser and advising the Rat establishment Republican Party how to stop Trump.  They roundly panned the presser as scatological, vain and unappealing to elite ReR bastards like themselves.

News flash to the ReR bastards:  I’m still a Cruz guy, but I could not stop watching Trump’s presser.

That’s what the ReRs do not get.  He’s clobbering them at every turn and they continue to offer up ReR conventional wisdom on why Trump will fail.  My advice to FNC, Romney and all of the other ReR elite bastards is to STFU. 

Trump correctly mentioned at the presser that every time someone has come after him, they have ended up on the ash heap of failed candidacies.  You can just see the ReR brain trust in a smoke filled room analyzing that.  “Lemmeesee.  He lays waste to everyone who goes after him.  Hmmm, what can we learn from that?  I know, let’s go after Trump.”

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