Friday, March 11, 2016

Please do not report me to the FBI for being anti-government & debate results

The KGB, uh, make that the FBI is asking high schools to inform on anti-government students.  Okay full disclosure I am firmly in the anti-government camp.  No. Wait.  I'm firmly in the f**k the government camp.  Americans asked to inform on Americans for not being PC enough to an arm of the federal government - The Empty Suit's vision of America.

I had thought until recently that the military and the FBI could be counted upon to tell government bureaucrats to get bent when they insisted on those agencies acting like Soviet era government apparatchiks.   So the FBI wants the name of anti-government high school kids and considering prosecuting global warm-mongering deniers which creates more anti-government high shcoolers.

Debate stream
Watching the first half hour of the debate I thought there were four Donald Trumps on stage.  Everyone wanted a wall.  Everyone talked about horrible trade deals. 

Trump was darn near Rubio like with his “we’re going to make great deals” answer. 

Rubio won the argument on Cuba and global warm-mongering.  His “America is not a planet” line to shoot down America destroying its economy in order to adopt policies that will not affect the climate one iota was a good answer.

Trump did not get into the global warm-mongering discussion.  No doubt his answer would have been to make better deals.  

Trump opening up to Cuba is a problem for me.  Again he’s going to make a better deal.  That when Rubio went into a long list of Cuban democratic reforms that would have to happen to make that deal worthwhile.  But at the end of the day we trade with commie bastards in China.  So…

Trump acting as the unifier taking credit for adding millions of voters to the Republican voting rolls was brilliant.  None of the other candidates bothered to point out that just as many were coming out to stop Trump.

Taking on Islamo-Terror-Fascists head on will work well for Trump.  Here’s why.  Radical Islam is the modern (which is to say ancient) face Islam.  There are too few moderating factions in Islam.  Those that do crop up from time to time are immediately slapped with a fatwa from some azzbag imam.  Everywhere two or more Moooooslims gather some innocent gets stabbed, raped or blown up.  In its current form, Islam is nothing more than a murderous cult.

Trump saying win the war and come home was as good answer as there is to the problem of ISIS.  They all finally stubled upon the correct answer to “how many troops”.  That is something military planners should recommend based upon strategic goals established by CinC.

I think that Trump looking presidential will boost him – it’s expected of the others.  So people are saying, “Wow I thought he was just loud mouthed idiot.  He sounded very presidential last night.  I could support that.”

Cruz called Trump supporters “low information”.  Terrible move.  Cruz was his usual flinty self last night and was about as warm and cuddly as a roll of barbed wire on a northern Montana ranch in mid-January.

I actually think trump got the better of the Harvard debate champ with short answers and left Cruz a bit speechless when Trump pointed out that Cruz had flopped on ethanol.

With regard to the convention.  I think Trump got it right.  Whoever shows up in Cleveland with the most delegates should get the nomination.  You might be able to argue that the most actual votes should decide, but the Republican Party needs to look toward the Electoral College.

Trump looked presidential.  Nobody took him out by default, he won.  Rubio went back to being a policy wonk and came in second.  Don’t know if it was enough to swing FL.  Cruz needs to get a personality – finished third.  Kasich continues to make a great case for his VP bid.

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