Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Trump should repudiate David Duke when Shrillda the Hutt repudiates her old man

Okay first off, I repudiate, disavow, renounce, reject and otherwise crap on David Duke, just as the Donald has done over the last 25+ years.  So why in the world is the media in huff because he didn’t do it again on Sunday with Jake Tapper?  The result is another stolen news cycle or two for the Donald.  He’s got all of the previous repudiations in hip pocket for top cover to include a disavowing of Duke at a news conference the day before.  So at some point do you just stop answering the same stupid questions?

Also, Ronald Reagan was endorsed by the John Birch Society.  When asked to repudiate them Reagan refused saying, “They endorsed me.  I didn’t endorse them.” So when is Shrillda the Hutt going to be asked to disavow the all of the anti-American, racist, azzclowns who have endorsed her?  She can start with her raping, groping, slack-jawed old man?  "Mrs. the Hutt, an accused rapist and serial groper of women who has been accused by reliable sources of exposing himself several times to different women and hangs out with a know pedophile has endorsed your campaign. Will you repudiate your husband of convenience - Billbo Billyboy Clinton?”   

Talking about answering the same stupid questions, how many more debates do we need?  After the last debate, the number swirling around in my head is zero.  If there are to be future debates, and sadly there are to be further debates, the RNC should insist on a few new rules.  At a minimum, the mics of candidates not asked the question should be turned off until such time they are asked a question.  No more 3 and 4 people shouting over each other.  Also, anyone in the audience shouting or applauding gets escorted out of the facility.  No more obnoxious Rubio fan girls disrupting the proceedings. 

The one thing I’d pay money to see at a debate is the Donald turning to Rubio and holding his hand up – as for a high five – and say, “You’ve accused me of having ‘small hands’.  Let’s settle this right now.  Put hand up here against mine right now.”  I assume Trump’s hands are proportional to his 6’3” frame as Rubio’s are to his 5’10” frame.  It could be a knock out moment.

Glenn Beck caught in BS lie
BS Arteest Glenn Beck admitted that a copy of Don Quixote Beck used as a prop while stumping for Cruz is fake.  Beck claimed the book once belonged to George Washington and was purchased by Washington on the same day he signed the Constitution.  The book Beck was holding up was printed in 1796.  That’s juuuust a bit after the Constitution was signed.  9 years actually. 

So note to Glenn:  I have in my possession the exact copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone that Abe Lincoln bought on the very day he signed the Emancipation Proclamation.    Call me and we’ll negotiate a suitable price for this irreplaceable bit of Americana.  Idiot.

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