Monday, February 29, 2016

The Cube backs Trump

I am a big The People’s Cube guy.  It’s some of the best satire and photo shopping on the interweb.  The comments streams are hilarious.  Even the name is a clever bashing of progressives who demand equal outcomes irrespective of effort, talent, savvy, intellect or drive.  It’s derived from a Rubik’s cube with red stickers on every square to ensure an equal outcome.  The creator of the Cube worked in the old Soviet propaganda mills in Ukraine before coming to the US in 1994.  His perspective is one that carries the weight of knowing how the other half live – or as in most communist controlled states, don’t live. 

Interlaced in the satire are some gems.  This is one.  The Cube has come out and endorsed the Donald.  The reasoning is undeniable even for a diehard Cruz guy like myself bent on ideological purity.   By Tuesday this may become a Trump-eter web page.  There is no reason to beat a dead horse.  He’s never going to pick up the pace.  It’s better to just pick the next best horse in the race. 

Regular readers know that I never liked the Trump bashing from day one.  It was, as Trump himself might say – a stupid strategy engaged in by incompetent and stupid people.  Now Cruz and Rubio are all in on the bashing.  They look weak and desperate doing so.  The swells in the Rat establishment Republican Party never once tried to tap the energy of the Trump campaign and ride the wave.  Instead they screamed like the little Rubio fan girl at the last debate  - he’s not a conservative.  Now the Trump wave has just about laid waste to all of them as a surging tide lays waste to a child’s sand castle at the beach. 

I sensed it was over for Cruz when he went after Trump way too early in the wrong way.  All a smart reasonable guy had to do was to channel Trump in a more reasonable manner.  On immigration:  Yes, we will build the wall.  We will enforce all existing laws vigorously and over a few years the 12 million will become 5, then 3, then 2 million.  On Muslims:  We have not declared war Islam.  Radical Islam has declared war on us.  Sadly there are not enough “moderate Muslims” to change what has become the face of modern Islam – which is Jihad.  Until that dynamic changes, we should not allow anyone into this country who cannot be thoroughly and reliably vetted. 

Early on all it would have taken was a candidate without the bombast to reflect the same things Trump was saying in a more reasonable manner.  That’s my take.  Maybe Trump’s is a movement that was bound to be.  We’ll never know at this point.  

The Cube backs Trump because Rat establishment Republicans have nearly ceded the country to leftist without ever standing up to them in any reasonable manner - too afraid to be called racist, homophobes, xenophobes (why in the world doesn’t that word start with a “z”?).  All but lost are the media, academia and the entertainment worlds without so much as a grumble from the ReRs. 

Enter Trump who says what so many reasonable people are thinking and catches fire like an oily rag stuffed inside a Coke bottle filled with high test gasoline.  He has started something the ReRs cannot stop now.  Endorsement are now flowing Trumps way proving the smart money is on the Donald.  Rubio is now the deer who has been shot through the heart with a high powered rifle who bolts a few last desperate steps, not knowing he’s already dead. 

There are eight good reasons not to vote Rubio.  #1: Rubio.  #2: McCain  #3: Schumer: #4 Gramnesty #5: Bennet #6: Flake #7: Menendez #8: Durbin.  Combined they are the gang of eight.  There’s also the Islamo-Terror-Fascist ploy of saying one thing in English for the consumption of the US lapdog media and then the exact opposite in Arabic to the ITF at Friday prayers.  That's what Rubio did in Español on Telemundo.  There’s also his unseemly trashing of Border Patrol Agent Chris Crane who stood up to him on the gang of 8 bill.     

The ReRs for their part will not go quietly.  Proving once and for all that they and the Dopes are, as Pat Buchanan once said, different wings of the same bird.  The ReRs are lining up behind Shrillda the Hutt and/or a third party if Trump wins the GOP nomination.  The proof is here, here and here for starters.  There are many more examples.  It may be a last ditch effort to untrack Trump.  We’ll see after tomorrow’s results.  

So the ReRs would rather see Shrillda the Hutt nominate a leftist for Scalia’s seat on SCOTUS than back Trump.  Does anything else really need to be said ReR bastards?  

FLASH!!!  FLASH!!!  FLASH!!! TO THE RAT ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS:  When you trash Trump you are trashing his supporters who are kicking your ReR’s azz.  As always when the ReRs get their azz kicked in free and fair elections they take their ball and go home.  What they should worry about is NOT ReRs supporting a third party, but the Trumpeters becoming THE real 3rd party that will actually oppose the Dopes leaving the GOP with nothing but a bunch of George Will, Rich Lowery like eunuchs who cannot figure out which end of a hammer to grab.

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