Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Empty Suit's weakness is responsible for recruiting far more jihadists than G'itmo

G’itmo is NOT a recruiting tool for Jihadists a weak America is
The Empty Suit said on day one of his disastrous first term that he would close G’itmo in a year.  Way to go TESy you’re doing a heck of a job.  Now with less than 11 months to get the job done TES has vowed anew to close G’itmo.  Just as when he shot his lying sewer slit off on day one of his first term, our sail-eared punk has no plan.  It’s like me saying I’m going to build a 40 foot yacht.  Mrs. Lex asks, What’s it going to look like?  Where are we going to get the money?  Where are you going to build it?  Where are we going to get the money?  Where will you store it?  Where will you get the money?  Do you know how to sail?  Where are you going to get the money?  Do you have any plan what-so-ever?  And most importantly, where are you going to get the money for this project?  Details shmeetails.  Like Captain Pickard on Star-Trek, TES just says, “Make it so”.

Then there’s the BS notion that G’itmo is recruiting tool for Jihadists.  That is such a line of crapola.  These godless heathens trapped in the 9th century have been making war on the west for millennium before G’itmo was ever even known to exist.  It could close tomorrow and it would not make one bit of difference to the savage a-holes blowing people up in pizza shops, on busses, flying planes into tall buildings, shooting them down in their workplace, beheading them for being Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc.  It is a total BS argument.

I say again, the ONLY problem with G’itmo is that it is not operating at capacity.  I’d plow that soccer field under.  Rip out the cable except for guards and turn it into a less attractive place.  The only thing about G’itmo that is attractive to jihadis are the meals and relaxing life-style there.

TES’s never ending azz kissing of the world’s despots, his leading from behind, his get out and lose the war mentality, his America sucks attitude recruits far more jihadis than anything going on at G’itmo.  The jihadis know that America is run by a weak, feckless, Islamo-Terror-Fascist loving coward.  That’s why they flock to the cause.  If we started killing the bastards at the rapid rate again they’d be far less likely to join up.

Too late for the Rat establishment Republicans to channel Trump
So Trump’s not a conservative and Rat establishment Republican Party is apoplectic about it.  Bernie’s not a liberal either.  He’s a socialist/communist yet there is no hand wringing from the left.  Far from it.  Shrillda the Hutt is moving toward the socialist/communist.  Why isn’t the Dope Party out with all of its critics telling the Dope primary voter that Bernie isn’t a Dope Party regular – he’s a socialist!?  Well that is where that particular party wants to eventually end up.  So they give Bernie a pass.

I am rapidly becoming a one issue voter – immigration.  If we do not do something quickly, it’s game over.  Not for the Republican Party, F-em and good riddance to Pauli Walnuts, the Mitchster, JEB! and the whole lot of ‘em.  What will be gone will be any semblance of a two party system and shortly thereafter, barring a revolution, the country will turn socialist and be gone.

What I’m not hearing from the Rat establishment Republican types is how they intend to tap into the energy that Trump has created.  I’v e argued since day one that the way to beat Trump is coopt him on the issues.  The fact that ReRs cannot/will not coopt Trump tells me couple of things.  They don’t want to tap into Trump’s success.  It would set the ReRs back 30 years.  Trump’s ideas of sealing the border, building a wall and deporting the illegal aliens who have invaded the country is a nonstarter for ReRs.  So for me it’s “Go F-yourself” time for the GOP.  

Second, they know that they cannot - at this point - ride the wave of Trump support that through their own lies, theft of public funds, arrogance and incompetence they created.  The time to coopt Trump was on day one.  Instead the ReRs railed against him, belittled him and savaged him in every way possible.  The ReRs were like little kids standing in the tide on a beach somewhere trying to hold back the rushing waves with their little bodies.  The trick from day was not to hold the wave back but figure out how to ride it.   

So what do the ReRs do now?  They actually hang their hopes on a Rubio/Kasich ticket.  That’s how stupid the ReRs are.  That kind of boneheaded logic has gotten us precisely where we are. They cannot add up two poll numbers totaling less than 40 and figure out that the sum is less than Trump’s total.

I gave up on the Republican Party when they backed McCain. 

Takes one to know one

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