Tuesday, February 02, 2016

What to make of Iowa

The Rat-establishment-Republicans have what they want.  Three outside candidates – Cruz, Trump, Carson - sandwiching the new Rat-establishment-Republican darling – Marco Rubio.   The good news Rubio is being forced into the Rat-establishment-Republican lane because all of the real Rat-establishment-Republicans are being $h!tcanned.

I used to be a Rubio fan until he got caught up in the gang of 8.  Just as I was forgetting about that he dodged the omnibus vote.   As we used to say in the artillery, silence is consent and do not forget one of the big cards against The Empty Suit was his “present” votes while sleeping through his term in the IL congress.  Rubio also has his “we can’t deport 12 million illegal aliens” stance to answer for.  As noted yesterday, the answer is, “no but we can enforce the law.”  Game – set – match to the fist candidate to lay that truthism on the new Rat-establishment-Republican amnesty candidate.  

What usually happens in these things is that the outside candidates kill each other off leaving a clear lane for the Rat-establishment-Republican (RER).  My advice to Trump and Cruz is to knock off the name calling until the Rat-establishment-Republicans are all certified dead and gone.  You can bet a bunch of the RER money is going to be going to Rubio now.

The real battle now is for the Ben Carson voters.  That’s bad news for Cruz because Carson is now accusing Cruz of cheating in the IA caucus by telling voters Carson was dropping out.  Trump has to be saying to his staff this morning, “Stow that ad about Cruz being a Canadian anchor baby cheater with bad hair.  Let Carson that carry that water for a while.  We’ll jump in after Ben makes the accusation and drive it home, because we all know Ben is way too nice and civil for that task.” 

On the Dope side, send in the men with the pitch forks because after battling Bernie Sanders to draw after leading by 50 points in IA, Shrillda the Hutt has to be $h!tting herself like a circus elephant this morning.  The hag cannot even dispatch a 74 year old communist.  Actually that says as much about the Dope party in general as it does about Shrillda the Hutt.  Dopes are equally happy with a communist as they are with a lying thieving pig in a pant suit - Shrillda the Hutt.

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