Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump, Trump, Clinton and free $h!t

Trump wins big
My #2 guy came in first in NH.  The even better news is that Christie and Rubio shot each other in the knee in NH.  Christie is unacceptable not so much for his slobbering love affair with The Empty Suit six days before the election when TES visited NJ after  superstorm Sandy but also because of his keynote speech during the Republican Convention.  Mr. “tough guy” could never quite get around to lambasting TES and didn’t mention the nominee – Mitt  - until about 30 minutes into his speech.  Instead of platform to outline TES’s failures or Mitt’s strengths, it was Christie’s introduction of himself to the 2016 Republican nomination.  So Christie was tough sell for me from the start.  Turns out he is a whole lot more aggressive when he is selling his own line than he ever was standing up for Mitt.  As far as Marco goes, three words, two if you’re Slow Joe Biden, gang – of - eight. 

I do not think that you can work on something like that month after month and be there speaking in favor of it at its roll out if that is not where your heart is.  I’d put Carson and Fiorina ahead of Rubio in my ranking.

I am darn near a single issue voter.  That issue is immigration.  If we do not get that issue right – right now – nothing else is going to matter.  If the Dopes get open borders and turn those masses into Dope voters, the republic is done.  And why wouldn’t they be Dope voters?  Demo-Dopes are officially the fee $h!t party, F**k whitey party, men suck party, surrender at the first shot party, Christianity is the problem party,  screw the military with asinine multi-cult BS party.  If illegals are legitimized – aka amnesty – the next step is voting rights.  Once that happens Mr. & Mrs. America it’s over. 

Immigration is the issue most important issue to me.

Trump tells the truth again
Trump said, “Maybe [The Empty Suit] doesn’t want to defeat ISIS”, and outrage ensues.  Okay what would he be doing differently if he wanted to give the impression that he was anti-ISIS but really was tolerant of their world view?

From the no $h!t file
Billbo Billyboy put some ice on it Clinton actually said that sometimes he wishes he and Shrillda the Hutt weren’t married.  That is so obvious on so many levels there is no logical place to begin.  What was the first clue?

The scores of extra marital affairs

The fact that you cannot stand to be seen together unless someone is paying you

The fact that the Hutt look like…well…the Hutt

The fact that every time Shrillda the Hutt opens her sewer slit it sounds as if the devil himself is trying to create a sound so obnoxious as to drive any sane person crazy

The fact that everyone knows she’s using you to gain power for herself and otherwise probably hates your worthless guts

The fact that once she gets her cow sized azz thrown in prison all of your photo ops will be during visiting hours

Free college and free pre-K
Why do you suppose Dopes are pushing free college and free pre-K?  If you didn’t already know it - education in America is dominate by leftist loons.  That’s why when Lex jr. talked about entering the education field I didn’t say –are you crazy – rather I encouraged him as a voice of reason in a cesspool lefty liberal poo.

Dopes push free pre-k so that they can get their tentacles into the youth of Americans at earliest opportunities.  Meanwhile the unsuspecting parents look a t free pre-k as free day care.  That’s it.  Drop junior off with the state at the earliest opportunity and go to work so you can afford that big screen.  Offering up free college keeps people who otherwise wouldn’t even think of college to forestay going to work for another 4 years.  Why in the hell wouldn’t yu go to college if someone else was paying for it?  Colleges will fill up the Bart Simpsons, the Cam Newton’s who can’t play football, the talentless bloggers living in mom’s basement (hmm, that one is a little too close to home), it’ll be an extension of high school.  The work force, the military, the trades, privte colleges that actually market an education will all suffer.  It will serve as a magnet for illegal aliens to take the unfilled jobs – jobs Americans won’t do because the government insists on paying them for doing nothing.  

When I graduated high school my Aunt Anna asked me where I was going to work.  I told her was going to college.  She looked at me and said, “Why Douglas, we never thought of you as college material.”  It was a different age when people told the truth.  She was probably right.  Had it not been for Coach Locke & dad instilling a never quit attitude, I’d probably be finishing up my 30 year career at UPS.  UPS is where I worked and paid my own way through 5 ½ years of college. 

When we started Lex jr’s college fund my first question to Mrs. Lex was, “What if he’s dumbazz?”  It turns out he’s much smarter than I ever was, but I can nail two 2 X 4s together and run a chainsaw – so it evens out.  The point is that you tend to work a bit harder and consider college a bit differently if you are paying your own freight.      

If Bernie Sanders wins and gives away free college, having paid my own way, I’m demanding reparation.  You know what, if I was a mino, I’d probably get it.

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