Thursday, February 04, 2016

TES's moooooslims kill everyone because they don't get enough good TV parts, makes #oscarssowhite look like logic from Socrates

The Empty Suit is liar.  We all are well aware of his, “If you like your healthcare plan…” BS.  Now his utter BS at a US mosque remind us anew of what a clueless numbskull this guy truly is.  He lives in a world where if he says reads it off the teleprompter it has to be true in spite of centuries of proof to the contrary.

TES would have you believe that he is all about homosexual rights, women’s rights, the right to worship how you chose, but the little waif wanders into a den intolerance - aka a mosque – and lectures us calling the American people intolerant for the not tolerating the intolerance being preached within.  Catholics don’t want to provide abortion services at their hospitals on firm religious grounds and get sued by the vindictive POS.  Muzzies – who TES insists on referring to as mooooooslims -  hack people, shoot people, drown people, burn children alive, rape women, kill innocents around the world by the scores in the most horrific ways - also on the firm religious grounds found in their BS book the koran - and TES actually tells us we have to mainstream moooooooslims in TV and movie parts.  YGBSM. 

Talking about mooooooslims like that is like saying, “Aside from the obvious, I heard John Wayne Gacey had a pretty good clown act.  If we would have just mainstreamed the guy, you know given him a TV gig somewhere, maybe doing the weather, he’d have been all right.”  It’s fantasy.  It’s dangerous fantasy.  So sure a couple of mooooooslim TV shows are sure to reverse centuries of backassward thinking.  Let’s try Father Knows Best – When His Daughter Deserves an Honor Killing.  Or how about Leave it to Beaver – no wait that has a sexual reference, kill the producers.    

Until a responsible group of Muslims gain the upper hand in that BS religion, they should be treated as a fifth column here in the US, because that is precisely what they are.  TES is all worried about muzzies being singled out but nary a word about the religious group most often singled out and mistreated for their religion – Jews - or the bastards most interested in killing them all off the muzzies.

Three horse race
It looks as if right now the Republican primary is coming down to Trump, Cruz and Rubio.  Of course all of that can change in a minute.  I understand that Jim Glimore is poised and ready to pounce.  The good news is that I can live with any of them.  The bad news is that Trump and Cruz are like to bloody each other and split the vote to the point that my least favorite of the three – Rubio – wins the nomination.  

For a guy whose #1 issue is immigration, Rubio’s charter membership in the gang of 8 is tough pill to swallow.  Someone on that debate stage Saturday night has to get Marco to commit to enforcing the law on immigration if wins the presidency.

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