Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday round up

The part Islam The Empty Suit does not mention
While The Empty Suit was kissing moooooooslim azz and lying about a religion of peace, moooooslims were busy killing everything that didn’t see the world from their 7
th century point of view.  Of course all of this will finally change when Hollywood finds a few more mainstream parts for moooooslims.  Here’s the truth about that BS religion of mayhem.  No all Muslims are not bad.  The Kurds are heroes.  But unless they stand up and state loud and clear that Islamo-Terror-Fascists need to be killed, they are part of the problem.. 

Rubio the new Rat-establishment-Republican
Rush Limbaugh assures us that Marco Rubio is not a Rat-establishment-Republican.  Politically speaking JEB!! is dead.  So Fox News is now all in with Marco Rubio.  That’s RER for me right now.  Here’s why Marco Rubio cannot be trusted

How to end a war quickly
The Empty Suit is bragging about ending two wars.  Well first off neither is over.  Next the quickest way to end a war is to surrender and that’s essentially what TES did. Now he wants back in.  

Newton proof positive race baiting is an industry
Cam Newton alluded to the fact that people don’t like him because he’s a black quarterback.  YGBSM.  To the extent that anyone – me for instance - doesn’t like you is because you’re a lying thief.  I don’t like Ray Lewis.  It has nothing to do with him being black.  It has to do with him be lying accomplice to murder.  I don’t like Johnny Manziel. It doesn’t have one thing to do with the color of his skin.  It has to do with him being an immature waste of a draft pick for the Cleveland Browns.

A smart-alecky sports guy, as if there’s any other kind, Bomani Jones, backed Newton up saying people don’t like Cam Newton because Americans don’t “like black people very much”.  Wow what a racist.  There a parallels between the race-baiter and the religion of peace.  No matter the amount of evidence to the contrary, any failure of any black person in America will be traced back to racism.  They vote in a 90% block for a party that is supposed to end racism yet today it seems worse than ever.  America elects a totally unqualified black idiot whose only qualification was that he was black TWICE yet America is still racist.  How is that even possible?

Super Bowl prediction
Both teams have good defenses.  Panthers have a better offense mainly because of NFL MVP Cam Newton.  Denver will need a perfect game and couple of turnovers to keep it close.  Panthers 35 Broncos 10. 

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