Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Weirdness everywhere weirdness

It’s weird that the guy who came in third in the IA caucuses is thought to be a big winner while the guy who came in second is considered a loser.  Bernie Sanders is given credit for coming from behind to close to a tie with Clinton while Trump who was given no chance when he announced is dumped on for coming from nowhere to finish second in a state steeped in political cronyism.  I’m not sure political cronyism is the right term for the IA caucuses but sure stinks of it.  Why do so few Iowans attend the caucus?  Well maybe they know what I suspect, the fix is in.  An outsider showing up at the caucus to vote his consciences seems like a guy betting against the Harlem Globetrotters against the Washington Generals. 

Weird Pope Homer thinks “whoever gossips is a terrorist.”  Well I heard that - outside the Catholic Catechism - Pope Homer is a dope.  But I haven’t killed any innocents yet.  So if Pope Homer wants to put me in the same basket with the Islamo-Terror-Fascists who took down the World Trade Centers, attacked Charlie Hebdo and Paris, the London Tube, Egyptian vacation resorts, burned children alive in Africa, drowned people in cages in Iraq, pitched homosexuals off of tall buildings, stone women for any of a couple of dozen reasons found only 12th century sharia, it says a whole lot more about his own dysfunction than mine.  Hence the moniker Pope Homer.     

It’s weird that Shrillda the Beast won all 6 coin tosses deciding the dead heat precincts during the IA caucuses.  This reminds me of the Hutt parlaying a buck twenty-five into 100,000 dollars playing the cattle futures market.  No I’m not saying anything dishonest occurred – a first for something involving a Clinton – I am saying it proves the old adage; better to be lucky than good, 6 successful coin tosses in a row prove her luck and we all know Shrillda the Hutt aint no damn good.

It’s weird that Ted Cruz is characterizing his BS move telling the IA caucuses that Ben Carson had suspended his campaign - a misunderstanding.  Huh?  YGBSM.  What he said was that Carson was suspending his campaign.  What he meant was the suspense of the Carson campaign is amazing.  Yeah I can see how you'd mess that up.  I’d believe all the BS if Cruz hadn’t said that he had to win IA.  I’d believe that BS if after mailing out his BS voter shaming flyer, Cruz hadn’t said he wouldn’t apologize for anything.  I’d believe that BS if Cruz’s scapegoat – CNN – hadn’t so thoroughly debunked Cruz’s explanation.  If Shrillda the Hutt had pulled a move like this it would be a resume enhancement.  For me it's just more BS you'd expect from every other pol. I still believe that a Cruz/Fiorina ticket would smoke anyone the Dopes could put up.

It’s weird that about 60% of the party of old white men – the Republican Party - voted for two young Hispanics and a black guy.  100% the Dope vote was evenly split between two old lily white socialists – one who is a known lying thieving pantsuit load of excrement.   Yet the black lives matter crowd and other minority voters flock to the new party of old white people - the Dopes.

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