Friday, February 12, 2016

No draft for women

Sure there’s a part of me that says okay they want act like men draft them.  I resist that.  It’s not a few he-man men hating women who want women exposed to sustained ground combat operations that concerns me.  I’d bet the vast majority of women who think women ought to be able serve in the infantry would never even consider joining the military as yeoman let alone a grunt.  They just want to knock down the doors that they are too cowardly to walk through.  Making it so other women can get their azzes shot off - and a few men as well - implementing this BS is mission accomplished for the social engineers bent on destroying the American military.
First off, doors exist for reasons.  Not all of the reasons are bad.  They keep weather out and people you do not necessarily want to be able to just walk into your home.  Just because a few spineless civilian service secretaries with their heads planted so far up The Empty Suit’s azz that oxygen needs to be pumped in require the services to integrate women into combat arms, does not mean that real war fighters should go along with the lunacy.

Congress should put the kibosh on this first by forbidding the drafting of women.  Next, they should closely monitor training activities with no notice training surveys where they show up unannounced to evaluate that day’s training.  Are women fully participating and held to the exact same standards as the men?  The answer will be no or the standards have been lowered to accommodate an entire class of recruits that on the whole are weaker, slower and lack the stamina for sustained combat operations.  

Having served in USMC artillery for 20 years I contend that there is not 1/10 of 1% of women who could pull their weight on an artillery crew during a two week operation.
But hey as long as we look like a diverse military who cares about combat operations.  After all what is the bottom line for a military force - winning wars and battles or looking like society? 

It is another obvious attempt to destroy the military.  That’s it.  Look how these azzbags handled the Iranian capture of two US vessels.  They thank the Iranian.  Heap praise on the lawless $h!tbags who took the Navy vessels and issued an apology.  We have sailors crying.  We have an Air Force general passing out at the podium during a briefing.  Every standard in every branch of the military is being destroyed to accommodate weaklings for the sake of diversity. 

Meanwhile the world’s dirt bags are running amuck because the US leadership is clueless and sadly much of the military leadership is in full on go along and get along azz kissing mode.  The next president needs to hold a meeting of all the service chiefs and secretaries and issue a simple statement: If winning wars and battles is not your primary concern – get – the – f**k – out – today.  Clear your staff of anyone who doesn’t share this view of the American military by tomorrow.  Fire any commander who isn’t on board by Friday.  Now I want ISIS gone, not contained, gone.  I want options in 48 hours.  That is all.”

So no draft for women.  Fight the good fight for what is best for the ultimate goal of the military – winning wars and battles.

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Anonymous said...

Lex, Lex, Lex, don't you know "yeoman" is a term headed for the ash heap of history. This BS, diversity-obsessed, PC administration has tasked the Pentagon with replacing all terms containing "-man" with gender-neutral terms... like "yeoperson." Can you hear the "wopersons" roar in numbers too big to ignore?
AF Bro