Friday, February 19, 2016

Francis morphs into Pope Homer…again

As noted before, I have tremendous respect for the pope in matters concerning Catholicism.  As America well knows given the last 7 years, every institution has to, on occasion, deal with embarrassing leadership.  The Marine Corps had to suffer through a lying Famous crush the troops zoomie I don’t need no stinkin’ TBS Amos a wannbe general if ever there were one.  Now the Catholic Church has to suffer through a socialist/communist tending pope who morphs from Francis to Homer like a fashion model quick changes during a show.

In matters outside the church, Francis get about as much respect from me as Homer Simpson hence the moniker Pope Homer.  I find Pope Homer's treatment of Donald Trump’s position on immigration particularly offensive.  Pope Homer declared anyone interested in building walls rather bridges un-Christian.  YGBSM.  The interweb has been flooded with pictures of the massive wall that surrounds all of Vatican City.  Pope Homer!  Tear down your own damn wall.  Or as Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-ton might say - hypocrisy much we must. 

Then there’s the condemnation of a guy that the pope doesn’t know about an issue that he is clearly a hypocrite about.  By contrast, when asked about gay marriage, Pope Homer shrugged, “Who am I to judge.”  Well honestly Francis nobody is asking you to judge, but how about a bit of moral clarity and if that’s too heavy a lift for you how about falling back on scripture.  Pope Homer couldn’t muster any of that about an issue that is clearly in a pope’s wheelhouse.

But ask him about one US presidential candidate’s position on securing America’s orders the pope responds - again channeling Rev? Al - judge muchly we must.  Pope Homer judges Trump to be un-Christian for wanting to secure his country which he would be bound by oath – so help him God - to do.   If it’s so un-Christian to build walls why did God order a wall built around Jerusalem?

Now what the pope has done will redound to Trump’s favor.  Why?  Well, Catholics are not the most popular people in the south.  So as usual, controversy will help Trump.

Pope Francis please concern yourself with matters Catholic. 

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