Thursday, February 11, 2016

Feds running amuck & The Empty Suit's oldest boy - if he had one

The Ferguson effect
The feds are suing Ferguson, MO because the city council in Ferguson rejected a DoJ deal to reform the police department that would have required a tax hike upon the citizens of Ferguson to implement.  This is why people – yours truly included – hate the federal government.  

If the DoJ can sue or intimidate a city council with the threat to sue a community for failure to comply, what possibly could be off the table?  The Feds will use a bottomless pit of supplied by you Mr. & Mrs. America to bankrupt an already failing city if the community doesn’t follow DoJ “guidelines”.  Why have local elections?  Just let Lo Lynch and the brain deads at DoJ run these communities.

I’m telling you, if DoJ can get away with this they can then descend upon any community and bankrupt it.  So where do suppose they go?  They will go where the money is.   They will show up in wealthy Middle American (aka Republican) communities and demand quotas for public housing, mino hiring, mosques, rehab centers, halfway houses, soup kitchens etc.  If the community refuses to comply then DoJ rolls in with a boxcar load of cash and sues their collective azzes off. 

This is why I contend that the government has no business killing any of its citizens.  There is no sense of fair play within the government.  None.  Every nook and cranny of every level of government is corrupt.  Lois Learner can use the power of the federal government sic’ing IRS goons on us and the *itch retires with a full pension.  DoJ loons can give guns to Mexican drug lords who kill 1,000s including a US Border Agent and get promoted.  EPA pollutes and entire river it assigned to protect and nothing happens to those responsible.  This list could on and one and includes sanctuary city policies that unleash hell upon law abiding citizens to no knock warrants issued by a corrupt prosecutor for purely political reasons in WI.  The last thing I want is the government having the power to start killing us willy-nilly for calling out overpaid lazy incompetent government azzbags, overpaid lazy incompetent azzbags in a blog post. 

Let me sum this up in two words – one if you’re Slow Joe Biden – F**K GOVERNMENT.

If The Empty Suit had a son he’d look like this
TES’s oldest son (if he had one) is in trouble at St. John’s University, NY (NY values?) for threatening and assaulting a co-ed for having a Trump sticker on her computer.  No doubt Shrillda the Hutt will condemn TES’s boy for his attack on the woman.  No.  Wait. Does she need the black vote more than the women’s vote? 

When you read the article and listen to the short clip it becomes obvious, like punk dad, like punk son.  By the grammar use this “college kid” is obviously an affirmative action pass through.  Sure let’s make college free for all of these dumbazzes who cannot even speak the King’s English.  Then there’s the picture of Jesus in the background in one of the pics of the perp which many might consider incongruent with the content of the article.  Then there’s the priceless nature of TES’s boy sharing dad’s narcissism by being such a self-serving bag-O-crap as to post all of the evidence of his criminal behavior on Twitter and Youtube.  Brilliant!

So you have a bit of mino fratricide here.  A clearly uneducated black man threatening a woman.  What will the college do?  Well the woman clearly provoked the uneducated black man by putting a Trump sticker in plain sight.  Talk about a trigger warning and violating “safe places” on campus.  Lo Lynch is no doubt going to send a DoJ team to St. John’s and demand that the college hire a majority of uneducated black professors – is Skip Gates available? – hire a black campus police chief, build a black student union, remove all references to Trump on campus even in card games, build a monument to the uneducated black man at the center of the storm, and donate 150 million dollars to Black Lives Matter.  Failure to comply within all of the demands within 48 hours will result in DoJ suing St. John’s.

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