Monday, February 15, 2016

A busy Monday

Tough talk before the cave
We’ve seen this play out 100 times.  Mitch McConnell and Rat establishment Republicans are talking tough after the passing of SC justice Scalia.  A conservative lion is gone.  The ReRs talk tough to assuage the feelings of grieving conservatives.  In a month’s time these same he-men Empty Suit haters will transform into compliant TES azz kissers.

We’ve seen it on the budget.  We’ve seen it on defunding PPH.  We’ve seen it on ending Robertscare. We’ve seen it…well as noted above, we’ve seen it 100 times.  Once the media starts with the polling that 978% of Americans want the vacancy on the court filled and TES’s approval rating just went to 185 % among far right conservatives, Mitch and the ReR cowards will fold. 

When TES nominates Noam Chomsky, Mitch and the ReRs will say, “Well this the kind of middle of the road commonsense jurist that we’ve always wanted.”  That or some BS excuse like, “Well TES won the election and our own elections by comparison don’t really mean that much.  What we really need is to control the house, the senate and the presidency.  That’s how the founders envisioned American democracy.  A strong executive running amuck over a weak, spineless and cowardly ReR congress.  We are not only happy to comply with that vision, it is our duty to do so.  When we control the house, the senate, the presidency, then we’ll only be handcuffed by the 5-4 lefty lib split on the Supreme Court that we sent up.  But someone will die soon enough.  When that happens, it's going to be Katie bar the door.”
Rat establishment Republicans channel Dr. Kimble
There’s something weird going on with the Rat establishment Republicans.  You know - the National Review, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Pauly Walnuts cabal.  Ever since Trump entered the race and gained momentum they insist at every opportunity and in every manner possible that Trump is not a conservative.  They shout it.  They opine endlessly on cable TV about it.  They drone on for hours on the radio about it.  They write special editions about it.  JEB!!’s PAC spends millions advertising it.

The effort reminds me of a scene in the movie The Fugitive where Harrison Ford’s character - Dr. Kimble - is trapped by Tommy Lee Jones’ character - Marshal Gerrard - in a spillway overlooking a dam. Over the din of the rushing water, Kimble professes his innocence shouting, “I didn’t kill her.”  Marshal Gerard replies coldly, “I don’t care.”

The ReRs are like Kimble shouting at us, “Trump’s not a conservative.”  We’re like Marshal Gerard shouting back, “We don’t care.”  We gave "conservative" ReRs any number of opportunities to run government and every single time they screwed us.  Now we truly do not care.  We just want someone - anyone - who will secure the border and take the fight to the Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Trump’s not a conservative. He’s brash.  He’s profane.  Just like Marshal Gerard does not care about the truth of Dr. Kimble innocence, we don’t care if Trump's not a conservative.  Just get the border sealed and ISIS’s azz kicked.

Conservatives have had their chances and they have p*ssed every one of them away.

The Debate
In a word - Embarrassing.  Anyone who thinks Trump’s unhinged-ness is going to affect his poll numbers should re-read the bit above.  We don’t care.  He actually made sense to me on the state of the Middle East and our involvement over the last 15 years, taxes (still favor fair tax) and immigration.  What else is there?

Trump’s critique of W was off base but while W won the war in Iraq - then lost it - then won it again, his failure to act swiftly and decisively in Iraq when it started to unravel gave rise to The Empty Suit.  Whatever else W’s legacy might be there is that and it’s sort of like Rubio’s membership in the gang of 8 – unforgivable.

And we could point out to the Donald that there were in fact WMDs found in Iraq.  But if JEB!!’s not going to, why should we?  The big question that remains is, where did the rest of Sadam’s WMD stocks go? 

Trump saying W was responsible for 9-11 by saying “it happened on his watch” is like blaming the new clerk at the 7-11 for a robbery.  Or if you like baseball, blaming W for 9-11 is like blaming a relief pitcher for giving up a run when he comes in with 3 on, no outs and facing the numbers 3, 4 and 5 batters.  9-11 was Clinton’s fiasco and another reason Shrillda the Hutt shouldn’t be allowed within a 100 miles of the White House.

There does not need to be anymore debates.  If they must continue, the RNC should tell moderators that the goal of future debates should be to nail candidates down on their current positions on issues not endlessly rehash Trump’s 1968 position on bell bottom trousers. 

The RNC has to stop stacking the audience in favor of JEB!!  JEB!! is like a dear shot through the heart with a high powered rifle.  The deer can bolt for a few yards not knowing he’s already dead before collapsing.   I actually feel sorry for JEB!!  He tries so hard.  Too hard.  When he was defending his mother and talking about how great she was and Trump piped in with “Maybe she should run” it was game, set match.  JEB!! never recovered from the low energy tag.

Kasich sounded like the last Boy Scout. 

Rubio was fine but was still a member of the gang of eight and is the new Rat establishment Republican favorite.

Carson was good and probably would make a good president.  Few are going to support him.

Cruz won.  No really he did.  Aside from everyone calling him a liar several times each, it was a good night.  Mrs. Lex declared Rubio the winner. 

Letter to the editor on Syrian refugees
Lex responded to an article about a local couple whose son was murdered by ISIS but still advocates bringing Syrian refugees into this country.  The letter follows:

First, condolences to the Kassig family.  I watched my own parents struggle with the loss of my sister at the hands of a murderer. 

Allowing Syrian refugees into this country is dangerous, culturally reckless, fiscally irresponsible and immoral.

It is dangerous.  Every credible US law enforcement agency that has testified before congress says there is no reliable way to vet Syrian refugees.  ISIS has warned that they will use the refugee crisis to infiltrate the west.  In this case one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch.   If you knew a barrel of apples had poisonous fruit therein, would you allow your kid to eat from it?  

It is culturally reckless.  When was the last fashion show seen in Tehran; science expo in Kabul; film festival in Riyadh or gay pride parade anywhere in the Middle East?  Evidence across much of Europe demonstrates that vast numbers of Muslims have no interest in assimilating into the host country’s culture.  Rather they establish sharia compliant ghettos that often become “no go” zones for authorities.

It is fiscally irresponsible.  Our country is now 19 TRILLION dollars in debt.  Much of that debt has been heaped upon our children by the same politicians who now want us to open our borders - not just to Syrians but to anyone who can manage to stroll across our southern border.  91.4% of recent refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps. 

It is immoral.  According to the UNHCR it costs 12 times more to transfer refugees from the region than to care for them in refugee camps in the Middle East.  While the Kassigs, Pope Francis and Bishop Rhoades preach compassion, ironically that “compassion” frustrates efforts to provide life-saving essentials to 11 Syrians for every one they insist on transferring to the US. 

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