Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Super Bowl re-cap

Super Bowl
America’s “first unapologetically black team” was beaten spawning the hashtag #Superbowlssowhite.  No word from Bomani Jones and only a few words classless pouts from the crybaby race baiting Cam Newton.

Cam’s second fumble
When Super Bowl SB MVP Vonn Miller knocked the ball out of Newton’s hand the second time, when Newton made no effort to recover his fumble, I assumed the ball had been recovered under the scrum.  It wasn’t until the replay that saw Newton’s pathetic effort.  Donavan McNabb is going to be known for throwing up in the huddle while the Philly Eagles were on a game winning drive and not knowing the NFL overtime rules.  Cam Newton is going to be known for standing around watching while others scrummed for his lost football.  Never was the fan’s taunt “sell him a ticket” more appropriate.

McNabb and Newton share another bit infamy.  The sport’s press’s willingness to cover up for them.   After losing an overtime game, McNabb admitted he didn’t know that an NFL regular season game could end in a tie.  He’s of 32 guys in the entire world running an NFL and he doesn’t bother to familiarize himself with the rules.  YGBSM.  I wasn’t an NFL QB and I knew the rules.  The press and other all gathered around admitting they didn’t know the rule either and few others were familiar with the rule.  BS.  Pure BS. I’d guarantee you Peyton Manning and his little brother know the rules.

Now the race baiters are excusing Newton’s performance and childish BS behavior after the game.  I guess he wasn’t able to steal anyone’s else’s work like he did during his college career or steal anyone else’s property to get over a simple news conference among his hero worshipers.  As told Mrs. Lex I never liked him because he is a punk, petty, lying, thief who’s all talk and showboat when things are going well but has been proven to be a quitter when things go south.  All that said, he is a magnificent talent.

The halftime show
There is great controversy about the halftime show’s lyrics.  I was with a dozen people all commenting so I didn’t hear a one of the lyrics.  I thought the visuals were very cool though.  I do not know why the NFL thinks the halftime show needs to compete with the game.  It shouldn’t.  They should go to the booth, go over halftime stats and squeeze in a few more ads so the second half can proceed with fewer 3 minute TV interruptions.

I couldn’t hear those either.  Ad guys need to get a grip and make these more visual as most people watch the game with a crowd so the sound becomes pretty much a non-player.  I am happy to hear that the Dorito’s ad made clear what I’ve said on this page many times ultrasound is crushing any notion that what exists in the woman’s womb is anything other than a baby.  Now the pro abort lunatics are all up in arms about the ad because the “fetus” looks too much like a baby.  First, if it looks like a duck….  Next, keep bitching ladies.  It draws more attention to the ad.  Anyone with a brain looking at an ultra sound l know it’s a baby.  So yeah, do what you do best.  Play right into that well known and I guess true stereo type, what lib women do best is  – bitch.  Hence the name.

A test for GOFO’s
This should expose the real generals and flag officer (GOFOs) from the wannbe GOFOs.

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