Friday, February 26, 2016

Shout fest #10

I watched a bit of it.  Every time I did tune in two or three guys were talking – shouting - at the same time.  Were there any moderators?  I did notice a smirky Marco Rubio belittling Trump “for not having a plan” for whatever they were arguing about.  Uh, Marco, Trump does have a plan for shutting down immigration.  Jeff Sessions says Trump’s plan is EXACTLY what America needs.  So there’s that and that’s enough for starters.  

This is debate #10.  I can’t see this debate making much of a difference.  Rubio’s attacks on Trump reminded me of Christie smashing Rubio in debate 57.  Or was it 157?  Christie’s attack hurt Rubio, but Christie is gone.  I suspect that it was obvious that Rubio was attacking out of desperation.  Otherwise, why wait until debate #10?  Besides we all know that Trump could shoot someone on 5th Ave in NYC and not lose a single vote.  I predict that any success Rubio had last night will sadly come at the expense of Cruz.

Look, Rubio is a grinning little sound bite tested machine, smooth as the water slides at Wet N’ Wild.  Marco slammed Trump for “starting with 200 million dollars”.  Trump says he started with a million.  Fine, whatever.  Well Marco, he started with somewhere between a million and 200 million dollars and has made billions from that investment.  He has a vast economic empire.  He has tangible assets worth billions.  He’s funding his own nation-wide campaign with the fruits of his labor.  That’s not too bad a return on whatever the investment was.

Meanwhile, Marco, you cannot keep your own credit cards straight and have been mired in debt until a Harry the roach Reid/The Empty Suit like sweetheart real estate deal bailed you out.  So, who are you going to trust with the America economy a) a guy who parlayed millions into billions and files a 1,000 page tax return or b) a guy who screws up a 1040A tax form and cannot manage to keep two credit cards in his otherwise empty wallet straight?  FNC is all in for Rubio this morning.  He remains #4 of the five for me. 

Trump’s taxes
Who cares?  He makes a lot money.  He tries to give as little as possible to the government.  That should be a resume enhancer for a GOP candidate.  I don’t get why Mitt Romney is playing like Harry the roach Reid for the Demo-Dopes.  Mitt, while the country has been circling the toilet bowl for the last 7 years, you haven’t said crapola about the sail eared douche who crushed your tired azz.  Now you wake up, put on your Harry the roach Reid mask and act exactly like the lying, thieving, old weasel who used your sissy azz in the last presidential election.  The big difference in this today is that Trump won’t just sit around and take it like Mittens did.  He’s swinging back.  Mitt STFU, please.  All you’re proving is that Trump is a much better candidate than you were.

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