Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Trump explained - well as far as anyone can explain him

Donald Trump once famously pointed out that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. and not lose a single vote.  The loyalty of Trump’s supporters may explain a lot about his Saturday night debate performance and put his boast to the test.  I think the Donald’s boast is correct as far as it goes.  Nothing he has said or done has dissuaded me from my opinion about him.  See The Fugitive analogy below.

The problem for Trump is that he’s my #2 pick.  I won’t vote for him until Ted Cruz is no longer a viable candidate.  It’s the famous ceiling that the talking heads have said he’d bump against – at 18%, then 22%, then 25%, then 30% certainly no higher than 32%, now he’s in the 40% range I believe.  Well I’m sure Trump does have a ceiling and I’m sure the talking head Rat establishment Republicans have no idea where it is.

Trump knows he has a ceiling among Republican primary voters as well.  In a crowded field that ceiling is lower than it might otherwise be so what to do?  Well SC is an open primary.  So if you’re bumping your head against the ceiling with Republican voters and your support is rock solid – as Trump’s seems to be – why not pursue some Dope votes?  Bashing G.W. Bush and the Iraq War, calling Cruz a liar, condemning the GOP Rat establishment Republicans booing him and threatening a 3rd party anew, might all appeal to a Dope or two crossing the line to vote for Trump in the SC primary.

He can clean the mess up later.  As we’ve already seen he has a way saying he never said something he said and making it stick as with John McCain. 

When Cruz is out I’ll be a Trumpster.  The only thing that bothers me about Cruz right now is being on the same side with Glenn Beck.  He uses his now unlistenable show for a 3 hour Trump bashing.  It’s like seeing the same 3 minute animal cruelty commercial over and over again while watching a late night movie.  Okay Glenn we got it.  Please move on.  Even your rodeo clown act was better than the last 6 months of your radio show. 

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