Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Empty Suit channels Henry II

Michael savage says that Antione Scalia was murdered.  Savage is, at times, a bit unhinged, but because for some inexplicable reason no autopsy was performed who knows?  Sadly given the petty, thin-skinned, vindictive nature the walking talking POS that is The Empty Suit it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility that TES might have had something to do with the judge’s demise.  Not that he did it or even was an accomplice other than perhaps a King Henry like declaration, “Uh lemmee be clear uhmm, isn’t there, uh, no one, Beuler, class, anyone, who, uh you know, could arrange, uh like uh you know an opening on the Supreme Court?”      

If you do not believe this a possibility read this piece by Victor Davis Hanson that outlines all the BS this POS was willing to do, then ask yourself, is killing someone really all that farfetched for this this piece of crud.
Then consider this piece.   There’s a 90% likelihood that Scalia died of natural causes.  It’s totally within the universe of possibilities that he met with foul play.  You’d think given the number of conspiracy theorists in America that someone with a brain would have order an autopsy.
 The right Trump
Saw Eric Trump n Fox & Friends yesterday.  He’s clearly the Trump that should be running.  Trump would get another bump in the polls if declared that after winning he’d turn the whole thing over to son Eric.

Something from George Will that doesn’t involve an unhinged bashing of the Donald
Here are some interesting points about PC by George Will in a video.  
Billbo disses Kanye: everyone can comment on black music
Since Billbo Billyboy put some ice on it Clinton has declared that we are all mixed race
I feel totally qualified to talk about the state of black music in spite of Kanye West’s request for white people to stop writing about it.   Since the 70s most of it sucks.  That’s not racist because except for Christian Contemporary so does most white music.   Even Country Music has come off the rails for the most part.

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