Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The National Review has one voice of reason - Trump's big night

Okay, well, finally someone at National Review has come to their senses.  It makes sense that would be the invaluable Victor Davis Hanson.   If I could trade brains with someone, anyone would probably be step up, but VDH’s keen sense of world history, his measured manner and powerful intellect would put him at the top of my list.
In this piece, VDH puts the Donald into perspective relative some of the most successful and popular political figures of the day including The Empty Suit, Ronald Reagan, Billbo Billyboy Clinton and Shrillda the Hutt.  While Hanson never comes close to supporting Trump, he does put the Donald and some of his idiosyncrasies into a realistic perspective that the stable of Trump hating NR writers have missed or ignored.  The bottom line here for Rat establishment Republicans should not be to “stop Trump”.  The goal is to beat the Hutt.  ReRs should sober up, and get that very simple fact through their pampered, ruling class, out of touch with America, full crap heads.
Rich Lowery, Kevin Williamson and the rest of the NR staff should print off VDH’s piece.  They should read it every morning with coffee.  They should get it out and re-read it at their mid-morning break.  They should study it over lunch.  They should read it onto a CD and listen to it on the drive home.  They should print a copy to be taped to the bathroom mirror so that they can be reminded of it before going to bed. 
Trump is called delusional for saying he’ll make Mexico pay for the southern border wall.  Cruz is called a brilliant realistic politician for declaring victory last night when he failed to carry a single state (MO is still out).  

Trump is the only Republican candidate to actually be competitive in every state so far and has received more than 2,000,000 more votes than his nearest competitor.

Trump is called delusional for saying he’ll make Mexico pay for the southern border wall.  Kasich is a hero with the ReRs now for winning OH, but somehow is not a delusional laughing stock when says he’ll be the nominee when he needs to win 105% of the remaining delegates to achieve that goal.

Marco lost the nomination on the exact same day he signed onto the gang of 8.  Pundits all agree that Marco has a bright political future.  I’m not so sure.  Betrayal is not something just fades away.  The Gang of 8 will haunt his political career for the foreseeable future in my opinion. 

I do not know if he has a path to the nomination outright.  I think momentum has a lot to with that.  Trump is up in AZ and WI.  UT is a caucus so the ReRs will fix the vote there.  Then it’s on to NY and the northeast where Trump has a big advantage.   So by Apr 26 Trump could have it wrapped by then.

Then Indiana is up and I may be one of those dopes standing in line to vote still trying to make up my mind – Trump or Cruz.  The news guy will stick a mic in face and I’ll have to say I haven’t made up my mind yet.

My sense right now is that Trump is conservative enough on my #1 issue  - immigration – and he isn’t siding with crap head liberal garbage disrupting the process.  Ted is a constitutional moralist comfortable with equally condemning the victim and the perp when someone’s 1st Amendment rights are being infringed.  He’s the “principled conservative” who suspends principle when he senses a political advantage.

Anyone who thinks Trump is not conservative enough consider the following, Trump supports:
Building the wall
Suspending most immigration for 2 years
Fixing the military
Reducing taxes
Fixing trade imbalances
And most importantly exposing Shrillda the Hutt and the entire Clinton crap machine in the same stark terms that has allowed him to dispatch the ReR field
Not an all-inclusive list, but it’s enough.

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