Thursday, March 03, 2016

Let's face it the Rat establishment Republicans are just fine with letting Shrillda the Hutt win the general election

Several posts under Lex uncovers the “take my ball and go home” mentality of Rat establishment Republicans.  Here and here are other examples.  Two-time-loser Mitt Romney will do it live today.  Romney's speech will bump Trump up a point or two in the polls.

Having taken a beating in this process, it seems Marco Rubio, one time Tea Party darling turned ReR saboteur, now is happy to play the ReR’s hatchet man.  He cannot win but can taint the rest of the field for purposes unknown – unless Shrillda the Hutt is more preferable for the ReRs than Trump or Cruz.  Rubio is unlikely to reach an agreement with Cruz.  The ReRs loath Ted Cruz – perhaps more than Trump.  Rubio cannot reach out to Trump, well I suppose he could, but the ReR’s goal right now is to stop Trump.

The debate tonight could turn out to be two against one with Kasich and Cruz in the odd position of doing Trump’s dirty work on Rubio.  Both of those candidates gain by taking Rubio out.  Cruz gets the much sought after one-on-one against Trump and Kasich improves his VP potential by being the last ReR standing.  Well, that and being Gov. of Ohio.

For his part, Cruz’s only option if Rubio continues on his Kamikaze mission is an alliance with…drum roll please…Trump.  His other less likely option would be an unholy alliance with Rubio.  Whatever agreement Cruz would come to with Rubio will be worth squat when the nomination is done because ReRs hate Cruz more than Trump.  A Trump Cruz alliance could get control of the Republican Party and kick the effete ruling-class chowder heads that have done NOTHING to the curb for decades.

It seems to me the ReR’s reaction to Trump is no different than the Demo-Dope reaction to every Republican.  Proving once again that the two are different wings of the same bird.  The ReR’s are rolling in on their front runner as a racist for not repudiating David Duke for the 2,000,978th time.  Two time loser Mitt Romney is playing the Harry the roach Reid role in this cycle demanding Trump’s tax returns.  In turn each of the other candidates have speculated that Trump’s failure to do is proof positive that he has mob ties, or he’s not as wealthy as he says, or he doesn’t pay enough taxes, or he doesn’t donate as much as he says.  Jeez could it be any more obvious the two parties are in cahoots?  Flash to the ReRs:  It's an election not a selection. So GFYs!!

As far as repudiating David Duke, Ann Coulter points out the obvious problem Shirllda the Hutt has if candidates are expected to repudiate every dirt bag that decides to endorse them – here.

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