Monday, March 28, 2016

The world burns TES tangos

Wow!  I take a few days off to improve the tank trap at the front of the property and the world literally blows up.  If the world is literally blowing up that can mean only one thing, the “religion is of peace” as up to their usual tricks – killing innocents.  This time the target was the capitol of the European Union and NATO and the city with the most beautiful central plaza in all of Europe – Brussels.

ASIDE:  I wonder if the Europeans who have placed the blame for Palestinians blowing up Israeli busses and pizza shops on the Israelis are beginning to have second thoughts about their backazzward calculus on that problem now that it has come to their own neighborhoods?

While Europe washed the blood off the floor, mourned and was otherwise on edge over additional Islamo-Terror-Fascist expressions of peace, our own “Dear Leader” was doing the wave at a baseball game, shaking hands with murdering commie bastard and topped the weekend off with a horrible tango.

This is not surprising.  When the religion of peace is engaging in their expressions of said peace, TES always expresses outrage, grief and promises to bring the perps to justice just before dashing off for a fundraiser or a round of golf.  Must maintain a stiff upper lip and give the appearance of normalcy don’t you know.  And what’s more normal than TES f**king off rather than doing his job?

I think TES looks at the ITF and their murderous activities like America’s last living Cambodian War hero - John Francois Kerry – looks at the ITF attacks on Charlie Hebdo.  Recall when comparing the Paris attacks to the Charlie Hebdo attack, Kerry implied that the Charlie Hebdo attacks were at least “legitimate”.  I think TES believes the ITF murder of Europeans is legitimate due Europe’s colonial past.  So when someone is finally getting what they deserve, you don’t cancel your golf outing or tango lesson to demonstrate solidarity.  You take 30 seconds make some half-azzed comment condemning the attack, blah, blah, blah, mourning the loss, blah, blah, blah, justice, blah, blah, blah, we’re not at war with Islam, blah, blah, blah and then go hit the links.     

The pace of the religion of peace’s expressions of love to the West is accelerating to the point that the messages of condemnation, outrage and promises of justice to the attacks are nearly a rote exercise for TES and other ITF accommodating pols. 

 While the ITF are conducting genocide of Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere, Dope Homer condemns people for exercising their common sense and demonstrating a rational concern for inviting the enemy inside the gates.  Dope Homer condemns those of us who would rather kill the ITF in their own eff-ed up countries rather than investigate the murder of our citizens in our own country.  Oddly, Homer is much harder on us for not wanting to import no talent, uneducated, welfare junkie, murdering bastard ITF into our midst than he is on the same no talent, uneducated, welfare junkie, murdering bastards ITF wiping Christians out around the world.
With all the respect that Homer deserves on issues outside the catechism of the Catholic Church, go to hell Homer.  Seriously, just go to hell.
ASIDE:  Pope Homer’s moniker has been changed to Dope Homer for the exact same reasons Lex refuses to the word “president” anywhere near the excrement smear who occupies the Rainbow House.  I have too much respect for their offices to associate idiots with those titles.
Now, with regard to allowing 10s of 1,000s of un-vetted Muslims into our country, TES and other idiots will assure us only a tiny few Muslims are violent jihadists.  While the actual number of Muslims blowing themselves up in a crowd maybe tiny, about 28% of the overall Muslim population supports the murderer’s tactics and about 51% support Sharia law in their adopted occupied country.  Considering there are in excess of a billion Muslims in the world those are rather large numbers.
Now consider when the ITF (Watch as much as you can stomach) hook up American fascists on campus, (Bill Whittle's latest on Firewall) disrupting Trump rallies, church services, rush hour traffic and anything that has a hint of tradition, you’d better be well armed, because all hell is going to break loose.  TES will welcome the anarchy and condemn as intolerant anyone opposes the anarchy.   It may even be impetus for suspending elections.  You laugh.  You probably laughed when TES suspended the law on immigration, unilaterally suspended the onerous aspects of Robertscare for his buds, sicced the IRS on the Tea Party, ran guns to Mexican drug cartels etc. etc.  TES is a lawless azz.  Anything is possible with this POS.

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