Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Proof positive that neither Cruz nor Kasich are fit to be Commander in Chief

Commenting on the Corey Lewandowski flap, Ted Cruz actually called the incident a case of “physical violence”.  Huh?  YGBSM.  The incident may meet the letter of FL law for simple battery, but “physical violence” it ain’t.  How can a guy with such a boneheaded understanding of “physical violence” prosecute a war where real physical violence is the norm? 

For his part, John Kasich called the “touching” “very disturbing”.  You cannot be serious.  A heart attack is very serious.  ISIS drowning, burning alive and chopping off the heads of Christians is “very serious”.  This is BS. 

Remember, it was Cruz and Kasich who sided with the Black Thugs Matter against Trump in Chicago.  So at least they are consistent weak political opportunists.

The correct answer for these craven pols is:  We’ll wait and see how the legal process plays out. 

Besides, what happened to all that, “I am woman hear me roar” BS?  Women are supposedly fit for the infantry in this country but whine like babies when someone brushes up next to them in crowded room.  Would any self respecting man call that "assault"?  Well it is Trump.  So probably.  That's the point.  If Trump were not attached to this story, it would not be a story.

Cruz and Kasich are expecting Trump to act just like Rat establishment Republicans whenever the media rolls in on them for a made up controversy.  The ReR playbook calls for the candidate to apologize over and over, fire some innocent person as a sacrificial lamb, apologize over and over and over again, turn yourself in for progressive re-education, apologize over and over, and over again, repeat.  It’s infuriating for the ReRs and the media that Trump will not follow the usual ReR playbook.  Rather he looks them right in the eye and figuratively tells them to “F-off”.

Prediction: Right thinking people will recognize weakness when they see it.  Cruz and Kasich are ReR weaklings.  Voters will appreciate Trump standing up to the ReR, the MSM lapdogs and for once standing by his employee instead of taking the politically expedient path and ruining an innocent guy’s life.

I want to like one of these guy.  I really do.  Kasich is a delusional lefty lib who really does think he’s better than the average guy.  While he lectures us using Bible verse, he’s a moral leper because he’s perfectly willing to accept a nomination bestowed upon him by the ReR Party that he did not come close to winning on his own.

Cruz’s late night preacher-like campaign delivery is so off-putting I put him in the same category as The Empty Suit and Shrillda the Hutt for irritating cadence and delivery.  Also, anyone who lets Glenn Beck tell audiences essentially that “he (Cruz) is the chosen one” needs rethink their entire existence.  Beck also called anyone supporting Trump un-Christian.  Wow!  That’s a pretty broad brush Glenn.  Cruz ought to have disavowed Beck weeks ago.  Being on the same side as Beck is a very high hurdle. 

Trump is just one disaster after another.  Corey Lewandowski is supposedly Trump’s campaign manager.  Who new Trump had a campaign "manager"?  It's pretty much shoot from the hip until you're out of ammo, reload and shoot from the hip.  The heck with firing Lewandowski for brushing against a snowflake in a crowd.  Trump should fire him for not "managing" to stop Trump from ruining his own campaign.

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