Monday, May 02, 2016

Trump storms Ft. Wayne

Ft. Wayne’s War Memorial Coliseum had a record crowd and was packed (12,500 plus) to the rafters yesterday for a Donald Trump rally.  You can read about it here.  While the JG gushed over nearly a 1,000 people showing up for a Ted the tool Cruz rally held downtown, they waited until nearly the end of the story to mention the capacity crowd at the Coliseum for Trump.

Among the masses were Mrs. Lex and I.  For some unknown reason, we were ushered to the front by one of Trump’s campaign guys.  If you open the link, Mrs. Lex is standing right next to the kid in the second picture.  We were so close we could have pull tested The Donald’s hair.  We did get two Trump posters signed.  Bidding ends on EBay in 20 minutes for the unrecognizable unreadable signatures. 

Fate is hunter.  After a back and forth on when to depart for the rally scheduled to begin at 4 pm, we settled on 1:30.  We stopped for a McD’s sack lunch and were off again.  We were well on our way when we discovered we had left the tickets on the kitchen counter.  So we turned around to retrieve them.  When we arrived at the Coliseum we parked in the back so we could get a parking spot on the end to make egress easier.  That’s when Mrs. Lex informed me we would be leaving early to beat the rush.  When we got inside and given a choice of - floor standing - or - arena seated -, Mrs. Lex informed she didn’t want to stand through the whole thing on the floor of the Coliseum and preferred to sit.  I said, “well let’s just walk in and see what it’s like.”  That’s when we were scooped up and routed to the front of the crowd.   We stood and stayed well past the very end.

The event kicked off right on schedule.  It was a really good time with a very diverse crowd of Trumpites.  No protesters disrupted the event inside the Coliseum.  With 12,500 plus inside, the JG did devote a picture to the 10-15 protesters circling the Coliseum outside.  We saw that group of sad sacks on the way in.  Pathetic.  
The speech itself was okay, pretty much boilerplate with a few Indiana stats thrown in for local flavor.  The guy used a cheat sheet to get the stats out correctly and to accurately quote Mrs. Cruz who admitted her old man was immigrant, to which Trump said, “That’s what I’ve been saying.”   Other than that he was pretty much stream of consciousness.  At one point he was talking about Bobby Knight’s endorsement and got off on a tangent.  He went on for quite a while so I thought he’d forgotten about Knight.  Far down the road he sort of seamlessly picks up the Knight story up where he left off.  I thought to myself WOW.

These things have to be very grueling for the candidate.  Trump makes three stops today.  I got the sense that Trump is a genuine guy.  A bit unorthodox, a bit rough around the edges but a guy who truly cares about people and the country.  As he was working the rope line, the secret service tried to get him out.  He looked down the line, shrugged and motioned that he’d continue to the end.  That’s about when he had a word with Mrs. Lex while signing her poster.  The crowd and atmosphere were still very high energy for Mr. Trump and being so close to the candidate made a good fun afternoon.

Ted the Tool Cruz gave birth to TPP because it was in his wife’s best interest
During the debates and the long back and forths on this issue, I was under the impression that Ted Cruz backed something that in the legislative process then changed, causing Cruz to change his opinion.  This article shines a very bright light on the tool’s shenanigans, his key role in birthing TPP, the total worthlessness of double dealing Speaker of the House Pauly Walnuts and a payola scheme in talk radio. 

Once again Trump got it right.  Once again Trump’s candidacy is shining light into places Ruling Class a-holes and party swells do not want it shined.

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