Friday, May 06, 2016

Rat establishment Republican Speaker of the House trashes Republican nominee, what's new?

Finally, Pauly Walnuts has found his spine and is standing up to someone.  The Empty Suit?  Oh hell no.  The little weasel has no spine for that.  He cannot be seen standing up to the leader of the opposition party.  When it comes to that Pauly wears a diaper bends over, grabs his ankles and asks TES, “Please sir, may I have another?”  Stand up to the media?  Oh hell no.  He only fakes being a conservative during election time in his own district.  Stand up to Pelosi?  No he’s still getting her coffee, picking up her laundry, taking out her trash and all other tasks assigned to man servants.   

After clearing the field of 16 highly qualified Republican candidates, beating them like various drums, rented mules and rugs, Pauly finally finds his spine when it comes to trashing his own party’s nominee for president.  Wow that is a man of true courage.  No doubt when the Islamo-Terror-Fascists he insists on letting walk across our southern border, storm his office, ready to slit his throat, he’ll immediately convert to Islam and blame Christians for all the world’s problems.  Why is it that every one of these Rat establishment Republicans are more comfortable taking on and trashing their own party than the Dopes?

Pauly Walnuts gave us the omnibus spending bill that gave The Empty Suit everything that he wanted.  If TES had wanted the first born of every family, Pauly would have passed the legislation.  He’s a weak pain in the azz.  If you doubt that, watch the Biden debate. 

If Pauly doesn’t backtrack turn tail and run – as usual - Trump should fly his 757 into WI and very publicly dump the maximum campaign contribution allowed on Pauly Walnuts’ opponent at one of those massive rallies over the weekend.  The ONLY thing these ruling class a-holes understand is power.  If someone threatens that power, they’ll prostitute themselves to hang on to it.  Eff Pauly.

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