Friday, May 20, 2016

The face of Islam is exposed again, no Gen Petraeus I will not self-sensor

Update:  The dumbazz editor that does not know the difference between a sensor and being censored has been sacked. 

Let me be revolutionary again (“revolutionary” as noted below means to tell the truth).  Islam as currently constructed, is a murderous cult.  Quick General Petraeus, get thee to the fainting couch.  According to the general that truism could trigger a string of "religion of peace" bombings.  Therefore I should, as the general says, “self-sensor”. 

But then, Christians merely living their beliefs could trigger another string of "religion of peace" bombings.  If Petraeus could just get all of those preachers, priests, rabbis, ministers, reverend’s, monks etc. to be quiet least they incite the "religion of perpetual outrage" into demonstrating the azzbackward violent nature of the cult.  Also the homosexuals need to self-sensor, and feminists need to self-sensor, and historians who tell the truth about Islam need to self-sensor, and LGBTJCJVK:N”:KN activist need to self-sensor, and college students who support all manner of foolishness need to self-sensor, and news agencies need to self-sensor when reporting on the barbarity of the face of Islam, and anyone who thinks sharia is not compatible with free people should self-sensor.

It goes on and on.  We should all self-sensor.  Avoid telling the truth about what homicidal maniacs the face of Islam truly are.  According to Petraeus, we, like a child scared of the noises downstairs, should just pull the sheets up over our heads and hum the tune Tomorrow from Annie while the family is murdered in the living room instead dialing 911.

Dial 911.  Be revolutionary.  Tell the truth.  The face of Islam is a murderous cult.  The Empty Suit when it comes to mooooooslim is full of excrement.  There are way too few “moderate moooooolims” willing to stand up to the cult running their “religion”.

General Petraeus – go to hell.  I will not self-sensor.

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