Monday, May 16, 2016

Trump's taxes, illegal immigration, refuges

Trump gives correct answer on taxes 
A better answer would have been:  “F**k off George.  It’s none of your or anyone else’s Effing business.  I will tell you this.  I made a lot of money.  I paid as little of it as possible in taxes to a wasteful bloated federal government run by BS artists like you who use taxpayer money to buy votes.  If I could have gotten my tax rate to 1%, I’d have done it.  I’m going to lower taxes for all hard working Americans.  That part about ‘hard working’ would, of course, exclude hacks like you who have for so many years sustained themselves breathing the rarefied air found only when your head is planted well up inside the Clinton’s azzes.”

Dopes demand The Empty Suit stop deporting illegal aliens in an election year

Americans cheered the raising of the American flag on Mt. Suribachi

Americans sit quietly by while illiterate cheap labor  raise the Mexican flag in America 
Ungrateful fools want to turn America into the same kind of $h!thole they escaped

If you need more proof what the Dope plan for immigration is really all about, read this.  Spoiler alert!  It’s about votes.  The biggest war bond drive during WWII was spurred on by Joe Rosenthal’s iconic photo of the Marines raising the flag on Mt. Suribachi.  Americans cheered and gave to the war fund until it hurt.  Today Mexicans go around hoisting some rag from a $h!thole country that they ran from as fast as they.  The Dopes embrace the azzbackward thinking of people who want to turn America into the $h!thole that people flee.  Others stand quietly by while the Mexican rag is flung around the US like it’s a symbol of something other than total government corruption, human trafficking and drug cartels.  One school banned American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.  Now remind me again why #NEVERTRUMP.  The reason we stand idly by while $h!ts – Mexican and American alike – allow the country to be overrun with cheap uneducated labor, is because no one wants to be called a racist. 

Enter Donald Trump who says he will end the madness by kicking them all out and building a wall to keep them out.   No one can call you a racist in the secrecy of the voting booth. 

London's Mooooslim Mayor warns of attacks if US does not take more refugees
That headline reads like blackmail, but so does The Empty Suit’s bathroom threat.  It seems to me either way there will be more attacks.  In 1803, when America had a backbone, there was a crisis with Barbary pirates who were taking US ships and demanding “tribute” i.e. ransom for the crews.  In the midst of that crisis America adopted a rallying cry – millions for defense not cent in tribute.  Now Iran can snatch two American vessels and the azzbag SecState, America’s last Cambodian War hero, thanks them for “assisting the crew.” 

So London Mooooooslim mayor make a thinly vailed threat to America about letting more refugees into the country and theirs is so little outrage you’d think the guy had admitted, in its current form, the face of Islam is a BS religion being run murderous creeps and a way too silent majority who either condone it or are too afraid to make so much as a peep about it for fear of a fatwa coming down on their heads.  Now remind me again why #NEVERTRUMP.

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