Thursday, May 05, 2016

Kasich quits just as his campaign was picking up steam

Someone has finally gotten to John Kasich.  Yesterday he finally, finally, finally dropped his bid to become the Republican nominee for President of the United States.  His supporters were devastated.  So close.  So very, very close and now it’s all over.  It reminded me of The OSU Vs. ishigan game when Meatchicken scored in the last minute and ishigan Coach Brady Hoke passed up the chance for overtime and went for the two point conversion.  It failed.  So close. Actually, Kasich’s campaign was more like The OSU’s blow out of WI in the Big 10 championship game two years ago.  Kasich playing the role of WI, of course.  The bad news, I suppose, is that Ohio can now claim it is being run by a delusional, narcissist again.

Rat establishment Republican dead enders are sticking with their #NEVERTRUMP idiocy.  One reason they cite is that Trump is not qualified and lacks the experience to be president.  Well doesn't that then presuppose that if what we have experienced to date are qualified people who do have the experience, that they have then purposefully destroyed the country??

What lefty Lib destruction of America will end with
Several posts under, Lex linked to an article about what it would be like when the ruling class azzwipes destroy one American  institution after another.  You can read this or study the picture to get an idea.   

Now keep in mind the DoJ has just declared that NC’s bathroom law violates federal Civil Rights Law.  Huh?  Who knew you had a “civil right” to violate another person’s privacy.  I though personal privacy was the invisible hinge upon which Roe v Wade swung.  So let’s recap.  The right to kill a baby just up to birth is clearly there in the US Constitution under the privacy clause.  What?  There is no privacy clause.  YGBSM.  So anyway, in lefty Lib world privacy covers killing a baby but you do not have an expectation of reasonable privacy when you enter a public bathroom.  What were we talking about? Oh yeah, destruction of American institutions.  So.

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