Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Failed Navy Secretary Ray Mabus adresses Naval Academy class of 2016

Mrs. Lex and I had a great Memorial Day weekend.  We visited Annapolis, MD home of the US Naval Academy.  There, we saw a friend’s daughter graduate with the USNA class of 2016.  The campus is a fantastic setting and drips with history.  The student body was inspiring.  With exception of the Navy Secretary’s speech the graduation ceremony was inspiring as well. 

This is your legacy Ray Mabus

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is an idiot.  Apparently he has pushed deep into the recesses of his pathetically small mind the humiliation the US Navy suffered on his watch.  Two US Naval vessels were captured and detained by the Iranian Navy while Mabus worried about getting the first female graduate through the Marine Corps’ School of Infantry.    The picture above is your legacy bud:  US Navy Sailors kneeling with their hands behind their heads weeping before a third rate third world Iranian navy. 

Mabus spent a bit of time congratulating an outstanding class of 2016 Midshipmen.  But enough about the people Mabus came to celebrate.  He quickly turned his talk into a “look what a deep thinker and progressive I am” speech about how wonderful Ray Mabus is. 

To wit:  I got homosexuals to be able to serve openly.  I reduced the amount of fossil fuel being used by the Navy.  I increased the percentage of women attending the Naval Academy.  I opened all Navy occupations open to women as long as they can meet the standards, wink, wink. I got two naval vessels detained by the Iranians so the US could grovel before an enemy and in the end thank them for the humiliation less The Empty Suit’s BS Iranian deal fall through.

With the exception of a passing comment about a 300 ship navy there was nothing about increasing combat readiness.

After TES announced he wanted all military occupational specialties (MOSs) open to women, the Marine Corps conducted a study that demonstrated mixed sex units were far less combat ready than traditional units.  Like all lefty Libs, Mabus ignored the science that stood in the way of getting Marines and sailors killed on the battlefield so that he could be lefty Lib hero.  Mabus demanded that the Corps open all MOSs to women if they could meet the standards.   That standards stuff is total BS.  Anyone who thinks these azzbags are going to accept biology as a reason why women cannot be SEALs or Marine infantrymen is delusional.  Mabus has already ordered a review of the standards to insure that they necessary and appropriate.  Read that to mean, if it’s too tough for the girls, it isn’t necessary and appropriate.

Well good luck class of 2016.  You have a great many challenges.  While you face down America’s adversaries on the seas and distant shores, you’ll also have to watch your back from being attacked by the civilian douche bags running today’s navy who believe body bags are okay as long as the bodies occupying them are a diverse group.

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