Monday, May 23, 2016

After 7 years it is The Empty Suit's economy, worst pope ever

The local fish wrap, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette listed American household income as a “tossup” in their winners- tossups and losers article on Saturday.  The JG blamed the “Great Recession” for lagging household incomes.  It’s been 7 years since the recession ended.  So what is causing household income to lag seems to be a mystery to the editors at the JG.  Lex set them straight:

Does anyone at the JG ever bother reading your own copy?  No, they don’t.  Make it up. Print it and off we go.  Case in point:  “Tossups” in the Sat JG: Household finances “Seven years after the Great Recession ended, 75% of American would have at least ‘a little’ difficulty paying an unexpected $1,000 bill…”  How about: Seven years after failed Obama economic policy, which included an $831,000,000,000 stimulus package for “shovel ready” infrastructure projects, American household income has remained stagnate.  Pouring salt into the 831 billion dollar wound, now Obama claims we need to “invest” in repairing America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Huh?  What happened to the $831 billion stimulus package VP Joe Biden was instructed to take charge of and watch every single dollar?  Well you cannot blame Biden.  During the debate on the stimulus package, Biden predicted that there was a 30% chance they’d get it wrong.  With him in charge of it, the odds hit 99%.  So the $831 billion is gone with no tangible results to show for the money.  Household income remains stagnant after 7 years and the JG is still citing the “great recession” as the culprit.  That’s akin to blaming Paul Brown, who died in 1991, for the Bengals disastrous playoff game against Pittsburg last year. 

Any problem with household income or anything else with this economy should rest squarely on the narrow shoulders of Barak Obama.  

Dope Homer strikes again
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Unlike the overwhelming majority of moderate Muslim who cannot find a voice to condemn the face of their religion – Islamo-Terror-Fascists – either because they are afraid or deep down do not care about ITF atrocities or deeper down secretly support the terror campaign, Lex - a practicing Catholic  - regularly takes the “leadership” of his church to task on this page, in letters and by withdrawing his financial support.

Dope Homer is at it again.  While celebrating mass migration of ITF into Europe, Dope Homer is blaming the economy in Paris and Brussels for the ITF atrocities committed in those cities.  You cannot get any dumber or more callous than that.  Maybe this dope sees the handwriting on the wall in Europe and knows it’s just a matter of time before the ITF come for his own empty head and he’s hedging his bet.  He is the worst pope ever.

Not only that a Catholic group in Germany is advocating for co-locating Christians and mooooslim refugees in the same camps – even though the moooslims are regularly committing atrocities against the Christians under that arrangement.  No matter the German “Catholic group” demands that wolves not be separated from the sheep. 

I remain faithful to mission of my church to spread the gospel and Eucharist of Jesus Christ.  The leadership of the church on worldly events seems cowardly and out of touch.  That includes the pope and my own open borders hawking, climate change supporting bishop.

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