Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Thoughts on Trump's big night

First, what Trump accomplished with less money, less organization and no political experience is remarkable.  When The Empty Suit was asked what his qualifications to be president were, he cited his ability to run a political campaign.  If running a campaign is a qualification to be president, Trump just trumped TES in spades.  Trump's political stunner compared to TES's is like comparing General Patton to Gomer Pyle.

In Indiana, Shrillda the Hutt got Berned again last night.  Maybe Rush Limbaugh will start another Operation Chaos and organize Republican voters to get to the polls and vote Bernie where possible.  Actually, it looks pretty good for Bernie in several states without Limbaugh’s help.  She is an incredibly weak candidate.  Trump will beat her like a drum and in the process expose all of the Clinton's crooked dealings. 

Ted Cruz is out.  John Kasich, whose campaign is so short of cash that he has apparently taken to cutting his own hair, who still has less delegates than Marco Rubio who dropped out on March, is still running.  YGBSM!  No, sadly I’m not.  Kasich is like a guy in rowboat with a fly rod fishing for Moby Dick in the compound’s small pond.  There’s less than zero chance he’ll catch anything big enough to eat and if he did, he wouldn’t know to do with it.  Maybe Buckeyes should start a recall campaign to get their governor to come home and start doing the job he was elected to do.  

I could not believe my ears.  Last night after Fox News called Indiana for the Donald ½ nanosecond after the polls closed, the exact same talking d-bags who gave Trump no chance at the Republican nomination were telling Trump what he needed to do to unite the party.  Trump says he doesn’t need the Rat establishment Republican Party.  My money on this one is on Trump. 

After trump secured the nomination, all manner of sore loser took to the airwaves to announce they would remain #NEVERTRUMP.  As Trump said at his rally in Ft. Wayne, I couldn’t care less if they endorse me.  I think he means it.  The ReR has so alienated their base that it came out for Trump in droves.  They were more energetic, more committed and more vocal – not so much FOR Trump although that was a part but rather AGAINST ReRs who have screwed them repeatedly over last 20 years.  The ReRs started their meme “Trump’s not a conservative” when the Donald hit about 8% in the polls.  They have continued it right through last night’s coverage.  It’s as if they think telling us for the 12 millionth time that Trump is not a conservative, it’ll finally sink in after the first 11,999,999 failed.  I cannot speak for anyone but myself, I know he’s not a traditional conservative.  I think he’s conservative enough for where we are.

The #NEVERTRUMP ReR a-holes like George Will - who actually encouraged the RNC to work against their candidate to lose all 50 (or is it 57) states - prove once and for all that ruling class swells are more interested in maintaining their political influence than they are about saving America from its great slide over the last decade.  They do not care if the ship sinks as long as crew keeps the riff raff out of the 1st class dining room while it goes down.  It proves what Lex has opined for a long time, ReRs and Dopes are two sides of the same coin or as Pat Buchanan put it, opposite wings of the same bird.  They take the bird to the exact same place.

Here's a Trump story that will soften even the hardest #NEVERTRUMPster's heart.   

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