Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dope Homer and Petraeus kiss mooooslim azz

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According to Dope Homer, Christianity and Islam share the same idea – conquest.  Well in the sense that Jesus demanded the apostles leave the upper room and spread the gospel to the world, I suppose that Homer is correct.   In the sense that Christians share the face of Islam’s desire to slice off anyone’s head that may not want to join their BS religion trapped in the 12th century Doe Homer is full of bovine excrement.

So Christians are conquering by handing out Bibles to get into people’s heads while Islam is cutting off heads to spread Islam.  One is trying to conquer via love the other is trying to conquer via fear.  Dope Homer dwells on the goal and gives a pass to the means to the goal.  Hey we’re all trying to get ahead for our families right?  So one guy gets up at 6 every morning goes to work, takes a side job when he gets off and saves money.  Another guy smashes down his door while the family is out and steals everything the family owns and takes it for his own family, but hey they are essentially the same, right.   They both have the same goal looking out for their families.

But don’t point out the BS that the religion peace is full of.  Instead “self-sensor” lest telling the truth about a religion whose face is a murderous cult of zealots makes the murderous cult go on another rampage killing everything in its path refusing to accept their azzbackward way of thinking.  Self-sensor about “moderate mooooooslims” refusing to rise up to quash “tiny minority” of Mooooooslims giving the religion a bad name lest they show up your cartoon drawing contest to kill everyone. 

Self-sensor is what an American former Army general wants Americans to do.  Disgraced former general David Petraeus – in what seems to be an audition to be Shrillda the Hutt’s VP – tells Americans to self-sensor in an effort assuage the feelings of the azzbag murders practicing the religion of perpetual outrage, also known as the “religion of peace” particularly after its practitioners commit another string gruesome murders.

Hey Dave! F**k off.  How about you “self-senor” and just STFU and go away.  Or better yet just tell the truth about the face of Islam.  It is a political movement of crude, ignorant, homicidal maniacs that would cut your head off in half a heartbeat.  You and  Dope Homer should just hop on your glad machine and head over to Neverland and let people with a shred of commonsense give the face of Islam what it deserves a god old fashion lethal azz kicking.

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