Thursday, May 19, 2016

Men in the women's room is a hill to die on if you're interested in preserving an American culture

Someone said, in troubled times, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  Maybe it’s my own thought, but let’s face it, the sentiment expressed is way too advanced to be Lex’s.  Anyhoo, Target stores are being targeted with a semi-truck that shows up and parks in parking lots across the country.  The picture above is of the ad on the side of the truck. 

How in the name of Smedley Butler did we get here?  We had 30 something straight denials by of homosexual marriage at the state level by voters and homosexual marriage is the law of the land.  Now people with common sense are being told to ignore their inner gut feeling about the idea of letting anyone walk into whatever bathroom or high school locker room they chose. 

One ignorant dope is allowed to turn the entire country on its head over a miniscule percentage of the population for political reasons.  The Empty Suit whipped out his pen again and declared the he might deny federal funds to states that did not go along with the idea that predators should have equal access to the ladies room. 

I’d like to see a state like Texas challenge TES and the whole lefty lib world on this issue.  I’d like to see Gov Abbott tell TES to go to hell.  If TES wants to try to affect the amount federal funds going into TX – something he clearly lacks the constitutional authority to do – then Abbott can ask TX to boycott paying their federal Taxes.  Abbot could then call for a Convention of the States to reign in a worthless congress and a megalomaniac chief executive.

I think the ruling class a-holes in Caligula, D.C. understand only one thing – a threat to their power.  Once 25-30 states join the convention and vote to withhold tax revenue, TES and his ruling class bud might get the picture.
What ever happened to the idea of a Convention of States?  I joined a group supporting the idea, but have not heard a word from them.  I expect it was infiltrated by ruling class azzwipes who put the brakes on the idea.   It’s time to get serious about it again.  

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Infidel said...

It looks like the Convention of States team is still active. I do believe you're correct that there is substantial pressure to thwart the effort. I know our WV State House Speaker refused to bring the issue to a vote, even though it was clear the support was there to endorse the effort. We are in need of more than just voter turn-out to tear down this corrupt system we've allowed to happen. Here's the link to the COS team: