Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trump does not not need to change tone to get #NEVERTRUMP f**k America crowd, Annexation, it was one against 22 thousand

The Dopes and Rats who said Donald Trump could never win the Republican nomination are assuring us that Donald Trump’s attacks on Shrillda the Hutt will fail.  While pointing out that Trump is “upside down” with women, they insist pointing out the Hutt’s own miserable 30 year record with women is not smart.  I think if all the talking heads who were wrong and fabulously so think Trump’s tactic is “dangerous” it has to be spot on. 

After the very first debate – you remember the one where every candidate except Trump raised their hand and vowed to support the nominee (more on that later) -  Charles Krauthammer said the one take away from the debate was that the Trump campaign was over.  Now after Trump has all but secured the Republican nomination, CK tells us Trump’s campaign needs a new tone and the attacks on the Hutt will backfire.  Well low and behold, new polls show Trump even with the Hutt in FL and PA and leading it in OH.   

I watched a panel of the Trump primary bashers with absolutely no self-awareness again assuring us that Trump has to bend over backward change his persona to bring the #NEVERTRUMP traitors pack on board.  Uh no he doesn’t.  These exact same azzbags must have missed the WV coal miners’ endorsement criticize.  How many #NEVERTRUMP f**k America $h!ts does that cancel out?

The first Republican debate demonstrated that Trump was honest and JEB!, Gramnesty and others are not.  After standing in front of America and raising their hands promising to support the Republican nominee are now raising their hands to give the finger to America.  They refuse to ride the Trump tiger and Trump has called them dishonorable.  He is of course absolutely right.  There’s video proof of their lies and dishonor.
Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.  There’s been another attack in Europe by the religion of peace – or is it pieces?  #NEVERTRUMP azzbag are aligned with these anarchists, communist, seditionists and otherwise clueless PsOS.  So, whose side are you on?

Lex battles Annexation
Lex responded to an OpEd piece by a Ft. Wayne City Councilman who claimed to have an open mind about annexation and “remains persuadable either way”.  Here’s 

Lex’s response:

I read with interest John Crawford’s opinion piece in Sunday’s JG.  Crawford assures readers that he “remains persuadable either way” on the issue of the North 4
Annexation.  How very big of Crawford to keep an open mind on the fate of 22,000 people not a single one of which he legitimately represents.  Crawford may be that benevolent dictator we’ve all been waiting for.

In what world do 5 councilmen and a mayor get to turn the lives of 22,000 people upside down when none of the 22,000 had an opportunity to vote for any of the councilmen or the mayor?  The Lorax speaks for the trees.  Who on the Ft. Wayne City Council speaks for the 22,000 unrepresented people who live in the North 4 area and overwhelmingly oppose annexation?

Even Ft. Wayne public school grads know this nation engaged in a great Revolutionary War over such issues.  Perhaps they could remind their overlords on the City Council.

For the current citizens of Ft. Wayne who favor annexation, because misery loves company, think again.  Whatever you think of your city services now, imagine them spread over another 22,000 people and 23 square miles.  

Americans can no longer stand large portions of their government in part because it is populated by career politicians who are about as popular as an undertaker making the rounds at the old folk’s home.  Career politicians are small people who compensate for their smallness with huge egos, impenetrable hubris and unbound arrogance.

The fact that Ft. Wayne cannot grow based upon the merits of being a “well-managed city” people want to join but rather must resort to strong armed mob style coercion is a testament to unimaginative career city politicians.  They’d rather push the easy way out rather than doing the difficult work of enticing people into the existing city limits.
End of letter.

Well, well, well it turns out that the chief proponent of the annexation, Ft. Wayne Mayor Tom had an OpEd on the same page.  It’s here.

Lex responded with a letter to Mayor Henry.  In retrospect, I could have stopped after the first paragraph, but what the heck, I was on a roll.

Mayor Henry your Sunday OpEd was so comical and self-defeating it left me shaking my head.  I wrote a letter to the editor opposing you harebrained annexation scheme and in it described career politicians generally as, “small people who compensate for their smallness with huge egos, impenetrable hubris and unbound arrogance.”  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you for proving my point on the very same page on the very same day.

You cannot be serious.  You hail Ft. Wayne as a “best run city” but lament outmigration.  How in the world do you reconcile those two polar opposites?  Is it your ego, hubris or arrogance?  Did it ever cross your mind that if Ft. Wayne truly was a “best run city” people wouldn’t be leaving? 

If Ft. Wayne has “the type of swagger that has not been here in years”, why aren’t people chomping at the bit to get in?  Is that swagger present in the Ft. Wayne’s failing high school system?  I don’t see the swagger when I peruse the Saturday morning JG Metro section.  What keeps you from seeing that adding another 23 square miles of patrol area for metro police is not going to make an already crime ridden Ft. Wayne any safer?  Is it your ego, hubris or arrogance?  Or is your plan to simply not patrol the annexed area?

I contend that Ft. Wayne’s future growth is more closely hinged to the quality of its school system and the safety of its citizens than any amount square mileage you and the other megalomaniacs on council can conceive of adding to the city limits.  What keeps you from addressing the problems right under your noses instead of looking to add a bank of entirely new problems that are sure to arrive with annexation?  Is it your ego, hubris or arrogance?

While I’m sure there are people inside the North IV Annexation area using city services, I’m also sure that they paying for them.  Your argument about people coming into the city to eat is self-defeating.  On the one hand you say the city needs to grow to become a “destination city” then you ridicule people who use the roads to come into the city to eat but do not want to become residences of the city.  So do you want people to come to the city or not?  Get with the chamber of commerce and come up with an ad campaign for your backward thinking.  Here’s one:  Ft. Wayne where if you come to eat we’ll have the right to annex you.  Or:  Fort Wayne a destination city for people who want to be annexed.

You write, “all of us must grow and compete as places where residents want to live, work, and play, and businesses want to invest.” Why have you - as 30+ year politician in Ft. Wayne - been unable to do that?  Lack of imagination?  Low energy?  What?  What makes you think exporting your failed policies to annexed areas will help you achieve your vision?  Is it your ego, hubris or arrogance?  And please do not keep saying a place “where residences want to live”.  What keeps you from understanding the overwhelming majority of the people within the North IV Annexation area DO NOT WANT TO LIVE INSIDE THE FORT WAYNE CITY LIMITS?  Is it your ego, hubris or arrogance?

You claim, “In a globally competitive economy, we can’t simply stand by and let others dictate what the future holds for us.”  Huh?  Mr. Mayor, we are not “others”.  We are not some unknown people complaining from some corner of Botswana.  We are the people who live here, raise our families here and work here.  That remark demonstrates an arrogance usually reserved for dictators or football coaches during a halftime speech when trailing by 7 touchdowns - not anyone seeking comity.  You should write a 10,000 word essay apologizing for that foolish arrogance.

I want to end by saying, go to hell.  Seriously, just go to hell.  That’s how I want to end, but I won’t.  That would be rude, akin to referring to my family as “others”.  So, good day Mr. Mayor.  Your annexation plan is foolish, disruptive and will cause a plethora of problems many of which are unknowable at this point.  There is not one shred of evidence to indicate that you and the council are up to the task of handling any of them.

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