Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trump: the uncommon, common man’s hero

Most people know that The Empty Suit’s extra constitutional bid to withhold funding to states who do not comply with his dictatorial edict to let anyone wander into whatever bathroom they feel like is total BS.  If Target wants to destroy their company with stupid policies fine, but the effing government ought not to get in the middle of common sense arguments –for obvious reasons. 

In the comments section of the article is THE answer to the bathroom dilemma.  Put a row of unisex porta potties in the parking lot of schools.  Problem solved.  The Empty Suit’s idiocy complied with, and in the process American ingenuity is proven to be superior to any pol’s attempts to screw us.

The article makes another good point.  When it comes to Global Warming, cooling, climate change, Global Climate Disruption, lefty Libs are always harping about “science” and labeling the common sense crowd science deniers.  So who is denying the science when it comes to what sex you are?  Who denies science when they see an ultrasound of a baby and insist it’s nothing more than an nonviable mass of tissue – which describes a human baby until about age 8 by the way.  Left unattended, they are nonviable.   

Here’s why Trump will win.  He’s going to hit Shrillda the Hutt right between the eyes with everything he has.  In a 16 second ad Trump destroys the Hutt’s credibility as an advocate for women.  He’ll take it straight at her in a way no career Rat establishment Republican ever would.  All of the Clinton’s trash is going to out on the table for everyone to see.

One Dope strategist predicted The Empty Suit would come to rescue the Hutt’s foundering campaign.  I’m not so sure.  If he does, he’ll become a legitimate target for Trump.  Trump will become the first ever Republican to take the fight to TES and expose the worthless affirmative action pass through know-nothing for what he is, a worthless affirmative action pass through know-nothing.  Rather than being exposed as a worthless affirmative action pass through know-nothing he may just want to sit it out and protect his fake image as a guy with half a brain.  Better to be thought of as a guy with half a brain than being exposed as a brainless idiot.

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