Friday, May 13, 2016

Screw Pauly Walnuts. George Washington endorses Trump

As George Washington used to say, “If the establishment f**ks in both parties are trying to destroy the same guy, you should probably vote for him.”  GW never said that.  One of the plethora of colorful GySgts that populate the Marine Corps like red jackets on a cool day on the campus of The OSU used to use made up GW quote as vehicle for proposing things outside the norm.  

Like, “Well sir it’s Friday.  As George Washington used to say, ‘Let’s knock off early and go have a beer.’”  Which would be followed by 30 minutes of discussion about when and where exactly George Washington uttered the truism.  Which would lead to knocking off early to go have a beer.  Waaaait a minute.  Now I see what the Gunny was pulling on me.

Well George Washington might not have uttered the truism about a person both parties loath, but a more accurate truism never there was.  (That’s just how it came out.  I don’t know why.  Yoda must have invaded my subconscious.)  Anyhoo, both Rat establishment Republicans and Demo-Dopes are becoming unhinged at the idea of a President Trump.  So, he must be the guy.

Both parties warn that Trump lacks "experience" to be president.  What that kind of stupidity indicates is that it requires experience to run a country 19 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT.  I swear you could give any family in America a government credit card with no limit and accomplish more for the country and spend less than the “experienced” politicians have done over the last 50 years.

How much do really have to know about anything if your solution to every problem or perceived problem is to simply allocate billions of dollars to study it?  Racism in America?  Well let’s give everyone who feels aggrieved a free cell phone, food stamps for life, free housing, we’ll put them first in line for college admittance irrespective of their academic qualifications, we’ll give them free wi-fi, wi-fi is useless unless you have a top of the line laptop so we’ll get them one of those and to the extent that they exist, we’ll put them first in line for all of the no show mid-level management positions.   And if that does not work, we’ll simply pay them off in the form of welfare payments.  After all, that’s a small price to pay for racial comity.  And if it doesn’t work, we’ll throw some more money at the “problem”. 

Prediction:  Before the election, the Dopes will try to buy the black vote again with talk of reparations.  Notice I say talk.  They will never do anything to actually address race relation.  They need the grievance to continue in perpetuity for political reasons.  

So what the establishment pols in both parties are telling us is that Trump doesn’t know how to waste your money as quickly and foolishly as they do.  Case in point, Robertscare.  Nothing has turned out to be more expensive than “free healthcare”.  The Empty Suit actually pats himself on the back for providing millions of Americans with healthcare policies with premiums and deductibles so expensive that they cannot afford to use them.  Your federal government hard at work.  So incompetent they cannot even give something away.

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