Thursday, May 12, 2016


Vincente Fox warns of war
 A former Mexican El Presidente giving America the finger is sure to appeal Shrillda the Hutt and other anti-American Dopes.  Thanks for boosting Trump you POS.

Hey a war against Mexico is a win win win.  The LGBTHCJFCVLJKHB  PC obsessed
US military could probably rack up an easy win against Mexico – unless the drug cartels come out for the Mexican military.  After Mexico surrenders in 20 minutes they would demand to be annexed by America.  No more illegal aliens.  No more risky border travel.  They are - presto - just Americans.   Of course they’d all vote Dope and the corruptocrats who have made Mexico the $h!thole that it is would remain in charge.

Trump has lucked out again by having this clueless a-hole as an enemy.

The Mittster demands that Trump make the same mistakes that he did
Mitt Romney, playing the role of Harry the roach Reid, has demanded that Trump release his tax returns - that not doing so is “disqualifying”.  So if Trump does not cower like Mitt did in the face of a lying douche – Harry the roach Reid – he’s disqualified?  The really priceless part of this is the Mittster demanding Trump release his tax returns.  That is sort of like Pete Carroll demanding NFL coaches ignore their sledgehammer running backs and be forced to throw a short pass over the middle when inside the one yard line for a Super Bowl win.

The pat answer for Trump, of course, is to say “if a loser like you did it, I won’t.”

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