Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I had Fox News on last night.  I wasn’t watching I swear, but I confess it was on during the self-imposed boycott.  I caught a shouting match between Tucker Carlson and Steven Hayes.  During the tiff, Hayes referred to Donald Trump as “this orange guy”. 

Hayes can be counted among the Rat establishment Republican f**k America crowd who would rather hand Shrillda the Hutt a pistol and allow her to administer the coup de grace to America while huffing about “principle”.  Better no America at all than allowing America get her feet back under her under Trump.   

For Hayes, Ryan, the Bush family, et al, those pesky voters are rubes to be used for ReR f**k’s own purposes.  When Trump talks about a wall and the people come out in droves to vote for it, Ryan, Hayes and their azzbag $h!ts, gets his shorts in a wad.  They want to continue to do nothing, because it’s easy.   

What is infuriating to me is that these are the exact same azzbags who talk about expanding the party.  Trump comes along and expands the party into Dope strongholds with talk of making America first and he is lambasted by the ReR Party for not being conservative enough.  The same ReR Party azzwipes who backed John McCain are now worried about conservativism with Trump.  YGBSM.  No. It’s true.

I’m a one issue voter this cycle.  If immigration is not brought under control nothing else will matter in the long run.  So, Trump it is.

Lex defeats Ft. Wayne annexation…for now
Ft. Wayne’s Mayor Henry was crushed in last night’s annexation vote.  It failed 7-2.  Henry was incredulous after being beaten like a rented mule and channeling his inner Bluto from the Movie Animal House - who comically asked, “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pear harbor?”  - promised the annexation plan wasn’t dead and promised to “continue the [annexation] discussion into the summer”. 

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