Monday, May 09, 2016

Pauly Walnuts about to find out what happens when you do not Ride the Trump Tiger

The saying in air these days is “get on the Trump train.”  I prefer my own “ride the Trump tiger.”  Scan down a 5-6 posts for the historical meaning if you’re not a regular reader.  Trains run in a series with regular stops for passengers to “get on” but also to “get off”.  If you miss the train, hold your ground, another will be along soon enough.  Let’s face it, if you’re riding the train you’re not really in a hurry anyway.

Ride the tiger has a totally different meaning.  If you don’t ride the tiger or get off the tiger there are consequences.  The tiger eats you.  Pauly Walnuts didn’t want to ride the Trump tiger.  What could possibly happen to the sitting Rat establishment Republican Speaker of the House who refuses to back the Republican nominee?  Well, Lex Proposed Trump rolling into WI with his 757 and holding one of those airport rallies for Walnuts’ primary opponent.  It turns out that Trump must be of the opinion that a piss ant like Walnuts isn’t worth his time or jet fuel. Instead Trump said, well maybe I won’t have Walnuts be the chairman of the convention.  Then Sarah Palin announced that she’d lead an effort to “Cantor” Walnuts.  That's a reference to Eric Cantor – former ReR Leader in the house – who lost his primary bid last election cycle.

So Walnuts didn’t just miss a train and was left on the platform for the next run.  He’s not riding the Trump tiger and might just be eaten by it.  Good riddance Pauly whatever the Dopes want the Dopes shall have Walnuts.  We hardly knew thee, but then we knew thee well enough to know that thee are a worthless Dope in ReR clothing.


Unbelieveable not believeable totally made up headline

I saw this headline:  White House’s lies on Iran deal is humiliating for Chuck Schumer and thought to myself, “No it isn’t.”  How can you shame or humiliate Chuckles Schumer?  Like most stupid animals, Chuckles Schumer has no self-awareness.  Therefore it is impossible to shame him, humiliate him or convince him it is not necessary to knock people down when running toward the nearest TV camera.  Dopes as a class are shameless self-serving double d-bags more interested in dividing the country sufficiently enough to get one more vote than there opponents.

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