Wednesday, May 11, 2011

His lips are moving. It must be another BS installment.

Lex may have to totally unshun his shunning of petty name calling of the P-BO. The P-BO is now in full campaign mode. As such, what he’s not lying about, he’s not talking about. Everything else, like when his lips are moving, yeah, it’s pretty much all BS.

Take his appearance in TX yesterday. What a load of crap. Here are a few questions the compliant MSM could ask:

1. Mr. the P-BO, you held both houses of congress, the senate with a filibuster proof majority, why didn’t you get off your @$$ and do something about immigration reform then?

2. Yo, the P-BO, you lied, uh, make that said that the border fence had been completed. That bastion of right wing racist hate, The New York Times, ran a story in Oct of 2010 that the fence was not complete. In fact, the GAO indicated that fence, scheduled to be completed in 2009, would not completed before 2016. Who is the lying jackass here? You, the Times or the GAO? I got a 100-1 that it’s you.

3. All bow to the P-BO, today we have 3 wars, unemployment is at 9% and gas cost over $4 a gallon. We have a 1.6 TRILLION dollar deficit, we’re 14 TRILLION dollars in debt and if you believe the morons in Washington, need to add more to that figure by raising the debt ceiling so that, get this, the world won’t lose confidence in our ability to manage our fiscal affairs. Yet today you have chosen to resurrect an issue that, if you had a brain, you and the Demo-Dopes could have handled two years ago. Why now?

Answer to #1: Even the Dopes know that immigration is a loser of an issue during an economic down turn. Why open the flood gates for employment opportunities for illegal foreign labor when your own unemployment is at 10% like it was after the P-BO “saved us” with his economic stimulus. Plus, how can you offer free healthcare to all Americans and then say, well actually to anyone who happens to wonder across our borders from now until eternity. Even the BS the Dopes pulled to make the P-BOcare look like money maker wouldn’t work with another 11 MILLION illegals on the books. And nobody ever mentions the additional 20-50 MILLION that would be coming in as extended family members if the illegals already here breaking our laws ever do get amnesty.

Answer to #2: The fence is not complete. The buffoon-in-chief was lying through his butt. It’s not complete in a real sense that normal people deal with, i.e. fence posts and wire fence or even in a virtual sense. The Dep. Of Homeland Security suspended funding on the “virtual” portion of the “fence” in Jun of 2010, because as with most everything governmental, huge cost overruns and poor performance. The administration’s response back then was to, you guessed it, blame Bush.

Answer to #3: It is precisely because the country is going to hell in a hand basket that the P-BO needed to roll out this tired old line of BS. Better to have Americans PO’d at Juan and Jose than the P-BO when they turn on the nightly news. It serves two purposes. Gets our minds off $4 gas and allows the Dopes to portray anyone who thinks that the terms legal and illegal actually aren’t the same thing as, what else, racists.

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